June 24, 2024

PS1 Gamer Makes Incredible Find at Goodwill


  • The PS1 is a beloved console with a rich library of classic games that can still be found and played today, although some of them are difficult to legally access.
  • A Reddit user found a rare copy of Capcom’s Mega Man Legends 2 at Goodwill for a bargain price, which is notable considering the spin-off series has been discontinued.
  • While there are currently no announcements of a revival of the Legends series, Capcom’s releases of other Mega Man collections offer hope for its return, as fans have missed the unique 3D action-RPG titles.

One gamer shared a classic PS1 game they got going for an incredible deal at a Goodwill store. Sony’s PS1 is often considered one of the best gaming consoles of all time. A rich library of thousands of different games and many hidden gems introduced an entire generation to many recognizable franchises that are still relevant today.

Even though the console is approaching its 30th anniversary, there are still plenty of titles from that generation available right now to discover and play. A number of PS1 games are still present on PS Plus Premium, giving young gamers the chance to experience the classics from the ’90s to the early ’00s. However, a few remain frozen in time with no means of playing them legally. Fans sometimes visit thrift stores to find classics that are not easily accessible on the market today.

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Reddit user OofBubblesSinnoh posted a photo of a rare find they discovered at Goodwill. The picture shows a used copy of Capcom classic Game mega man legends 2 online which was priced at 75 cents. A lot to deal with separately, especially because of the Megaman The developers have long discontinued a series of spin-offs.

Game Mega Man Legends introduced many unique secrets and explanations to the story that are different from the main line Megaman games. With its unique setting and more cartoonish world, it provided a very fresh experience for fans of side-scrolling Megaman titles. The cancellation of the long rumoured Game mega man legends 3 was made official in 2011, meaning the game has rarely been seen or mentioned for over a decade.

Currently, Capcom has not announced any releases related to the Legends series. However, the company chose to release various classic collections related to the Blue Bomber, such as the Mega Man Legacy Collectionthe Mega Man X Legacy Collection, and even the Mega Man Zero ZX Legacy Collection, there is some hope that the off-hour will indeed release. The Legends series was unique in that it was the first full 3D Megaman a title in the franchise that opted for more of an action-RPG experience. There were two main games in the series, with a couple of Japan-only spin-offs as well as a dubbed extra The adventures of Tron Bonne. It is expected, with the success of recent collections such as Mega Man Zero Battle Network Legacy Collection Capcom might consider bringing back this oft-missed series.

Game mega man legends 2 online available on PC, PS1, and PSP.

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