June 17, 2024

Remnant 2 Player Split Over New Trait Point Cap

Fans love Remnant 2 because of the many improvements it has made on Remnant: From the Ashes. The game pushes boundaries in almost every area, but in others, it has limitations that diminish the experience. The one that bothers players the most is the trait point cap.

Players in Remnant 2 want to be able to experiment with their builds as they replay familiar areas and take down bosses they’ve fought before. However, due to the limitation of attribute points, there are only a certain number of builds that players can try before they see everything the game has to offer.

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Players Need To Remove Remnant Traction Cap 2 To Allow More Playables

Remnant 2, like Remnant: From the Ashes, has roguelike elements that allow players to replay every area of ​​the game with each run. This means that players face the same enemies and bosses over and over again as the story progresses, but it all feels fresh because of difficulty spikes and build changes on the part of the player.

Unfortunately, players have come to grips with one aspect of Remnant 2 that brings it down compared to the original, the trait point cap, and have come to accept it. Reddit revealed about it. It caps how many attribute points players can earn and spend on a character, meaning they can’t diversify builds for each class like they could in the first title.

This reduces the ability to replay the game because the only thing to land are rings and other things that can improve a character through their gear. While in the first game, players would make trait points to make interesting and creative builds for future runs, now they have to grind for gear to get the perks they want, which is less appealing.

One fan hit the nail on the head when they said, “Rings, Guns, Mods, Relic Stat Slots, Relics, Traits, Archaetypes, and the Gun / Melee mods go into a build, and that’s a ton of things to remember and change every time you want to try something new.” Players want to mess with character building, not gear, especially with an unfriendly UI.

The beauty of trait points is that they are earned through gameplay regardless of loot pools, but what prolongs playtime in grindy MMO titles is looking for specific perks on gear. Remnant 2 toes the line between a single player and multiplayer experience with a random like MMO, but clearly, the fan base enjoys the single player quality aspects more than something that would work better in Destiny 2.

The players are united in their desire for unlimited trait points, “I support unlimited traits, let those who want to grind forever, it’s healthier for the player base of the game.” It remains to be seen if a future update will change this system.

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