April 18, 2024

TikTok is taking a Big Swing on Twitter


  • TikTok is expanding text posts to compete with Twitter, aiming to attract Twitter’s vulnerable audience.
  • TikTok’s customizable text posts, with features like sound and tags, are similar to Instagram Stories but more advanced.
  • TikTok’s additional functionality, including text post drafts, aims to make the platform attractive to different types of users, potentially replacing other post-text-focused social media platforms.

TikTok joining the race to be the social media website that beats Twitter in text posts. The video platform has officially announced that it will be expanding text posts beyond comments and captions. Text posts on TikTok will have a variety of customization options that will help make them different from Twitter and other platforms. But ultimately, TikTok’s expansion into text posts seems destined to cut into Twitter’s audience at its most vulnerable.

Twitter has had an eventful year, to say the least. The once-dominant social media platform has lost significant portions of its audience since Elon Musk bought the company. This is largely due to some troubling decisions by Musk, including allowing hate speech on the platform and prioritizing posts from subscribers. The release of competing text messaging services such as Mastodon, BlueSky, and more recently Threads into the Twitter market has also dropped significantly.

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Twitter’s losses were another platform’s gain, and TikTok now needs some of that audience, too. TikTok users now have the option to post text. Where users previously had the option of sharing a photo or video, a third option for text posts will now be available. There is nothing complicated or surprising about the feature. TikTok users will simply write the text they want to share, and it will be published in the same way that their videos and photos worked.

TikTok allows its users to add some flair to their text posts that platforms like Twitter don’t offer. Users can add customization to their posts, including sound, tagged location, background colors, stickers, and tags and hashtags. TikTok users can even enable Duets from their text posts, which can lead to some interesting results. In this respect, TikTok’s text posts are perhaps more like Instagram’s Stories, but more forward.

Another useful feature that TikTok will offer by default is the ability to create text post drafts. Like photos and videos, TikTok users can create a text post draft and save it as unpublished. Users can then return to edit their drafts and publish the post later.

Given TikTok’s different structure, the platform isn’t necessarily trying to be the next Twitter. Users who want a feed of quick, digestible posts won’t be looking for TikTok as their new home. Rather, it is simply offering additional functionality to make TikTok more attractive to different types of users. Those who leave Twitter now may decide they don’t need Threads, BlueSky, or another post-text-focused social media platform. TikTok they will cover all their bases.

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