April 18, 2024

Trevor Reed, released in the 2022 US-Russia swap, was injured while fighting in Ukraine

US Marine Corps veteran Trevor Reed, who was released in a prisoner swap with Russia brokered by the Biden administration in 2022, was recently injured while fighting for Ukraine in the east of that country, CBS News has learned.

Multiple sources tell CBS that Reed was flown out of Ukraine by an NGO and is expected to recover from those injuries. Two sources confirm he is being treated at a military facility in Landstuhl, Germany. A reed suffered from being torn to the ends.

The Biden administration is aware of Reed’s injury in Ukraine and his travel to Germany for treatment. An administration official said in a statement, “I want to be clear here: Mr. Reed was not engaged in any activities on behalf of the US Government. The US Government has warned Americans not to travel to Ukraine, let alone participate in the fighting there.”

The official added that US citizens who travel to Ukraine to take part in the fighting are there “to face significant risks, including the extreme risk of arrest or death.”

“The United States is unable to provide assistance to evacuate US citizens from Ukraine, including those Americans who may decide to travel to Ukraine to participate in the ongoing war,” the official said.

Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who helped secure Reed’s release last year, issued a statement saying, “Regardless of the circumstances that led to his injuries in Ukraine, it is important to ensure that Trevor Reed receives the best care possible so that he can return safely to his family. We have worked hard to ensure Trevor’s return from Russia. He is a veteran and should be treated with care.”

Reed was arrested in Moscow in 2019 and deemed wrongfully detained by the State Department. Two Americans are still wrongfully detained in Russia: Paul Whelan, a US Marine Corps veteran, and a Wall Street Journal reporter. Evan Gershkovichwho has been in prison since March and has been accused of espionage. Whelan has been held in Russia since December 2018 and is serving a 16-year prison sentence on espionage charges. The US has declared that both men are being wrongfully detained by Russia.

Two sources also confirm that Reed is set to start college at Georgetown University next month.

Reed family spokesman Jonathan Franks said in a statement to CBS News, “We politely decline to comment on this matter.”

David Whelan, brother of inmate Paul Whelan, said in a statement, “I’m sorry to hear he’s hurt. But the release of a hostage is not an end point. They have to live with the aftermath after hostage takers and others move on. I can’t imagine the anger, the revenge and the sadness they feel. I hope he gets some

The Bishop It was the first report of Reed’s injuries and evacuation.

Sarah Barth and Caitlin Yilek contributed to this report.

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