June 17, 2024

Tears of the Kingdom Player Show Off Korok’s Incredible Birthday Cake


  • Legend of Zelda fans received a charming Korok-themed birthday cake, featuring a realistically rendered tree stump, fancy decorations, and three Koroks on top.
  • The cake was created by a bakery in Pennsylvania and praised by fans for its design. The vanilla cake flavor with berries, and the Korok toppers were originally intended for yard decorations.
  • This shows how gamers often find inspiration in their favorite games to celebrate special occasions, and how surprises related to your favorite games can make these events more enjoyable.

A fan of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm He said they got a wonderful Korok cake for their birthday. The cake pulls several elements together to create a scene that would fit perfectly in the Lost Woods.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the RealmKoroks have a mixed reputation among players. After their appearance i Breath of the Wildsome fans were happy to see Koroks again i Tears of the Kingdom, and it’s clear that many of the forest characters had others who always needed Link’s help. This led to a wide variety of methods of dealing with Koroks, from using Link’s fuse ability to attach rockets to them to creating giant buildings to torture Koroks. Those who really like it, however, will probably be happy with the existence of this cake.

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Reddit user Dave0498 shared the image of his new Tears of the Kingdom birthday cake, which his loving wife made him. The cake mainly consists of a realistically rendered tree stump, with small decorative decorations such as acorns, mushrooms, and plant growth scattered across it. On top of the cake are three Koroks with a row of candles between them. The final touch is a birthday message on the front of the tree stump, complete with Korok’s iconic “Yahaha!” they usually say when they are found in a hiding spot by Link.

Fans of the game were quick to share how impressed they were with the cake design, with many commenting that Dave0498 is lucky to have a loving wife who thought of doing something like this, even joking that they should marry her again. According to Dave0498, the flavor was vanilla cake with berries, and it was made by a bakery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania called The Flour Child. Like the cake was very tasty, although Dave0498 also noted that the Koroks themselves are from a particular seller. Apparently, the Korok Stakes were originally intended to be used as yard decorations, but they work perfectly here as cake toppers.

Watching a gamer’s favorite game or series to celebrate a birthday or other big occasion is often a source of plenty of inspiration. One loving husband recently spent a Stardew Valley-encourage a birthday celebration for his wife. Gamers are often delighted to find that their favorite games have a surprise waiting for them on their special day, so this trend is likely to continue in the future.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm now available for Nintendo Switch.

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