April 17, 2024

All Hololive members: EN, JP, Holostars, more

Published: 2023-07-26T11:52:57

  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-26T11:53:11

Hololive is arguably the biggest agency in the Vtuber industry. Featuring a range of outstanding talents across multiple regions, Cover Corporation’s group has become an international sensation. This is the complete list of all the Hololive and Holostars members that made that possible.

Founded in June 2016, Cover Corporation began life as an augmented reality software developer. However, its real success would come with virtual idol Tokino Sora in 2017 and later Generation 0 in 2018.

The agency’s success in Japan would continue before it eventually went international. First Hololive Indonesia in April 2020 and then Hololive English followed in September 2020. This impressive growth has continued with more waves arriving.

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With Cover having so many Vtubers it can be hard to keep track of all of them, so we’ve put together this complete list of every Hololive member.


Hololive EN members

Debuting in September 2020, Hololive English was Cover’s first serious attempt to branch out its brand to a Western audience. These talents primarily produce content for an English-speaking audience, but still regularly collab with members from other branches.


Project: HOPE



Hololive EN

The arrival of holoAdvent marks Hololive EN’s first new generation in almost two years.

Hololive JP members

The original Hololive branch, with Sora first streaming in July 2017 on Niconico. The talents have since come a long way with several generations debuting. These talents almost exclusively stream in Japanese but are still well-known internationally.

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Generation 0

First generation

Second Generation


*Fubuki debuted in FIrst Generation but is also member of GAMERS

hololive Fantasy




holoX generation 6 of Hololive Japan official promotional art.Hololive

Hololive Japan’s latest additions came with holoX, a secret organization that operates from the shadows.

Hololive ID members

Making their first appearance in April 2020, Hololive ID is Cover’s Indonesian branch. The talents in this agency produce a variety of content in English, Indonesian, and Japanese with the exact balance varying from idol to idol.




The three members of Hololive Indonesia Third Generation, holoh3ro.Hololive

holoh3ro became Hololive Indonesia’s Third Generation when they debuted in March 2022.

Holostars EN members

Holostars English is a more recent addition that brings the Holostars brand to a Western audience. They are an all-male group that debuted in July 2022, with Vanguard adding four more members in January 2023.

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TEMPUS Vanguard

All eight members of Holostars English HoloTempus.Hololive

holoTEMPUS and later Vanguard brought the Holostars brand to a Western audience.

Holostars JP members

Holostars is the all-male counterpart of Hololive made up of idols with all kinds of personalities and skills. Although they are not as well known as their female counterparts, these boys are exceptionally talented and have been around for some time with Gen 1 debuting in June 2019.

First Generation




Nine Holostars Japan members as seen in Just Follow Star original song promotional art.Hololive

Holostars Japan has released numerous excellent original songs including ‘Just Follow Stars’.

And that’s every Hololive member listed across all of its major branches, including Holostars. As more talents join or graduate we’ll be sure to update this list.

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