April 24, 2024

Video Shows Baby Introduced to ‘Star Wars’ Character She’s Named After

  • Nicole Horton and her family visited Disney World in July for a vacation and birthday celebration.
  • They were eager to introduce their baby Rey to the “Star Wars” character she’s named after.
  • The video of the sweet interaction shows how “magical” it was, as the mom of two told Insider.

A family of “Star Wars” fans experienced a magical moment at Disney World this month when they introduced their 7-month-old daughter to the character she was named after.

Nicole Horton, a mom and claims representative from Indiana, visited the Orlando, Florida, theme park with her boyfriend Treyce and two children on July 19 for a family vacation and birthday celebration for their son Sam.

But Horton told Insider that while they were at Hollywood Studios, she and her family “were on a mission to meet Rey” — the “Star Wars” character who inspired her daughter’s name.

“We ran around for an hour trying to find her,” she said, noting they eventually spotted the character in front of the Millennium Falcon at the “Star Wars”-themed Galaxy’s Edge section.

Horton proceeded to film the moment she and Treyce introduced their child to the character, and later shared the clip on TikTok. The video, which she posted on Tuesday, has been viewed more than 487,000 times as of Wednesday.

“Your name’s my name? That’s perfect,” the character can be heard saying to the young parkgoer. “You’re me but just Pog-sized, aren’t you?”

She seemed to be referencing Rey’s outfit: a white dress with a brown belt that perfectly matches the character’s signature look.

Rey Horton dressed as her namesake, Rey from "Star Wars."

Rey Horton wearing her “Star Wars”-inspired outfit.

Nicole Horton

When the child seemed a bit distracted by another “Star Wars” staple, Chewbacca, in the distance, the character called him over.

The baby seemed a bit hesitant to greet the furry creature at first, but Rey reassured her, saying: “Where’d your smile go? You were so happy a little bit ago. You’ve never seen a Wookiee this size before? Is that what it is? Do you wanna feel his paw?”

The character then showed the child how to touch Chewbacca’s hand and quickly got a smile out of her.

Rey also joked about Stormtroopers mixing the two of them up, and finding the child a speeder bike and smaller creature like an Ewok to go on galactic missions with.

Nicole Horton and her family meet Rey at Hollywood Studios in Disney World on July 19.

Nicole Horton and her family meet Rey at Hollywood Studios in Disney World on July 19.

Nicole Horton

TikTokers loved the interaction, with many pointing out that the character actor looks a lot like Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in the “Star Wars” films.

But for the Horton family, the experience was more than just a funny conversation with a Rey look-alike.

“Our interaction with both Rey and Chewbacca was truly magical,” the mom of two told Insider. “Rey was so sweet and you could tell she was very happy to meet our baby. We weren’t expecting her to bring Chewbacca over, but it made the moment even better.”

And the interaction didn’t stop there. According to Horton, Rey later told Vi Moradi, another “Star Wars” character at Hollywood Studios, about the baby and even introduced them while the two parents rode Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.

Nicole Horton's daugher Rey meets her namesake at Hollywood Studios in Disney World.

The two Reys meet for the first time.

Nicole Horton

“We named our daughter Rey because we have always loved who the character represents,” Horton said. “She is a kind soul and a strong-willed character. Our baby Rey already shows these personality traits even at 7 months old.”

“The experience made for a day we will never forget,” she continued. “We cannot wait to hopefully visit again someday and see Rey and Chewbacca.”

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