June 17, 2024

Pokemon Fan Creates Impressive Paradox Form for Lugia


  • A Pokemon fan has created a Paradox form concept for Lugia, called Iron Dive, that cleverly incorporates Lugia’s environment and behavior into its design.
  • Iron Dive swaps Lugia’s Flying typing for Water, which fans believe is a more fitting classification for a Pokemon that normally resides in the ocean.
  • Lugia’s enduring popularity is demonstrated by its recent appearances as a promotional car, despite some fans wishing for a nicer vehicle choice. The Pokemon fan art community is also shown to be thriving.

An imaginative and artistically gifted Pokemon fan has devised a brilliant Paradox form idea for iconic Legendary Pokemon, Lugia. The well-thought-out Paradox form concept for the Diving Pokemon makes smart use of Lugia’s typical environment and behavior, resulting in a rather unique design that many Pokemon fans may want to see become canon.

Lugia is a dual-type Psychic/Flying Legendary Pokemon first introduced as part of the long-running franchise’s second generation. Despite having Psychic and Flying typing, Lugia is heavily correlated to the sea, as was clearly shown in Pokemon: The Movie 2000. This – and a number of other curious aspects regarding the Pokemon’s nature – can be traced back to Lugia’s tragic backstory, which unfortunately involved deadly obsessions and a misunderstood artist.

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The Paradox form Lugia in question comes from Reddit user HertzBurst, who posted their creation to one of the site’s primary Pokemon forums. A future Paradox design, this Lugia is called Iron Dive, which transforms the usually white parts of its body into a chrome-like metal. The blue portions of Lugia’s torso, eyes, and backplates are given a more iridescent blue, which are shown to glow in an additional image. The biggest change is to its hand-like wings, which are given propellors for more efficient underwater travel.

See the full post here.

Iron Dive also trades out Flying for Water typing, a change which many fans believe is a more inherently appropriate classification given that it normally resides at the bottom of the ocean. The future Paradox form for Lugia is actually the latest in an ongoing series for HertzBurst, who is beginning to accumulate quite a few of the custom-made designs. The same artist has created future Paradox forms for Mudkip along with Sharpedo, Hoppip, and more, with plenty of other designs available to view on their profile.

In addition to receiving the future paradox treatment, another Pokemon fan has created an ancient Paradox form Lugia. Unlike the sleek design above, this form features a more feathered and jagged design, making it look more of a flightless quadruped. While both designs have their merits, the popularity of the posts goes to show just how robust and thriving the Pokemon fan art community is, both by its creators and its consumers.

Beyond taking fan-made future and ancient forms, Lugia has also recently been spotted in car form. A few months ago, a Pokemon fan spotted Pikachu and Lugia promotional cars while at a convention. Pikachu’s is a Volkswagen Beetle, while Lugia’s is a Chrysler PT Cruiser. While some fans have voiced their wishes that a bit nicer of a vehicle was used, the fact that Lugia was chosen to be turned into a car shows the Legendary Pokemon’s enduring popularity.

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