June 17, 2024

Starfield Fans Think They’ve Already Pieced Together The Entire Skill Tree

The release date of Starfield grows ever closer, and despite getting a lengthy showcase earlier this summer dedicated to all of the game’s mechanics and systems, fans are still eagerly combing through trailers and promotional material for whatever morsels of info they can sniff out. One fan has gone above and beyond though, apparently spending over 200 hours putting together a comprehensive table and breakdown of the game’s entire skill tree.

First shared to the Starfield subreddit by u/asd8dhd (thanks Kotaku), a table of potential skills has been put together, with each skill sorted into different categories. These categories are labelled as Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech, with symbols signifying each skill that fits into each category. Of course, it’s next to impossible to know what type of buff or ability each symbol represents, though some of them can be easily guessed thanks to the image and the knowledge of prior Bethesda game.

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To make things even more impressive, the fan that put this entire thing together has also shared a whopping 44 page document that includes detailed guesses for each skill, as well as an entire library of images backing up their guesses. They explain that a lot of this has been put together via either pre-release footage or trailers, meaning it probably won’t be 100 percent accurate to the finished product, but it’s an impressive amount of dedication and looks to be fairly realistic when compared to skill trees for Skyrim and Fallout 3.

It seems like the majority of fellow Starfield fans are aware this is pure speculation, but they’ve also contributed to the skill tree as well, fact checking a couple of things and getting certain things changed we know are false. The result is an even more accurate skill tree that uses hours of pre-release footage as reference points, giving us the best idea of what it might look like when Starfield launches on September 5 later this year.

As for all the features we know Starfield will have, it was recently confirmed by Bethesda that the game will run at 30fps, something that analysts think will become more common as games continue to get more complex throughout the generation. We also know that only 10 perecent of Starfield’s planets will contain life, but considering the game has over 1,000 planets to explore, that’s still a considerable amount of ground to cover, just in case you were worried about having nothing to in the Settled Systems.

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