April 18, 2024

TikToker Has Regrets About OnlyFans, Says She Feels ‘Dead Inside’

  • One year after launching an OnlyFans page, a creator said she’s burnt out and feels “conflicted” about it.
  • While Kimchi Princesa said the work “almost isn’t worth it,” she’s not yet ready to quit.
  • The vulnerable admission resonated with empathetic viewers and fellow sex workers.

In a vulnerable TikTok confessional one year after starting an OnlyFans account and other “spicy” pages, the creator Kimchi Princesa expressed remorse over the work — but ultimately concluded she was too “prideful” to quit. 

In the nearly eight-minute video, Kimchi Princesa said she was “scared” to share her “actual thoughts” on the topic, but felt compelled to be honest with other viewers who might be interested in pursuing sex work themselves.

While her relationship to the job is complicated, she said, and it was a fun, creative outlet in the beginning, her mental health has recently been on the decline, and she’d begun feeling “super burned out” roughly six months in. 

While money is the only upside to doing it, “it almost isn’t worth it anymore,” the creator said in her video from Tuesday.

“I feel a little bit dead inside,” she continued. “I feel completely desensitized and I don’t know — not to sound funny — but I really don’t feel any type of desire or like attraction to men in general anymore.”

She said that receiving “disgusting” DMs from her followers, some of whom she learned had girlfriends, wives, or families from their social media profiles, added to her “conflicted” feelings about the line of work. 

Nevertheless, given her “prideful” nature, Kimchi Princesa said she’s “not a quitter” and always “sees things to the very end.” She concluded: “I won’t quit ’til I’m physically stopped.” 

An OnlyFans page with Kimchi Princesa’s username returns an error message, though the creator shared five days ago on Instagram that her content would be available exclusively on Centerfold, a competing platform owned by Playboy. On TikTok, Kimchi Princesa shares safe-for-work “spicy girl vlogs” and other lifestyle videos to her 8,000 followers. 

Her message resonated with commenters, who offered support and empathized with her feelings. 

“I’ve been in SW since 2014,” one commenter wrote, using the acronym for sex work. “Started as a cam girl, I now strictly work in Female Domination. These are all very valid feelings. 💖 I support you.”

“You have such exhaustion and saddness in your voice and eyes,” another viewer added, “it breaks my heart. I hope things get better for you. 💕 your feelings are so valid.”

In the last year, OnlyFans has grown into a popular and lucrative business for influencers and sex workers alike. Adult content creator Bryce Adams told Insider in January that she made more than $6.4 million on the platform from the previous calendar year. However, the unique line of work has come with unique risks and challenges as well. A mother said she closed her account down fearing that her photos might leak to her children’s school; in May, a stalker was found guilty of breaking into an OnlyFans creator’s home and recording her.

Kimchi Princesa did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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