April 18, 2024

Xbox Users Are Not Happy About New Dashboard Feature


  • Xbox users criticize the recent UI update, claiming that it lacks key customization options and forces them to see advertisements for games they don’t want.
  • The update features a “Most played games” tab that displays popular games on Xbox as a whole, rather than the user’s actually most-played games.
  • Xbox users have expressed frustration over the lack of response from Xbox and the company’s failure to address the criticisms, despite claiming that the update was designed based on user feedback.

Xbox users are criticizing part of the recent Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One update to the Home user interface. The update makes sweeping changes to the UI of Xbox consoles, with the company saying it’s built to provide faster navigation, as well as increased customization and personalization. However, Xbox users appear to disagree, saying that a key aspect of UI customization is missing and Xbox is forcing users to see advertisements for games they don’t want to see.

The Xbox user interface update began rolling out on July 26, meaning that some users already have access to it while others will have to wait. The update was first revealed in September 2022 when it was shared with Xbox Insiders. Xbox says it’s spent the months since gathering feedback and designing the UI overhaul with user feedback in mind. But Xbox’s priorities may not have been in line with Xbox users.

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In a Reddit thread titled “PLEASE tell me I can get rid of this…” user Spiderwolfer says that the new update has “punished” them with an “awful, unmovable tab.” The tab in question is labeled “Most played games,” and to the surprise of Spiderwolfer and others, it doesn’t actually list the Xbox user’s most-played games. Instead, it lists the most popular games on Xbox as a whole. Spiderwolfer is asking for the option to remove this tag, or at least be able to move it underneath tabs they’d be more interested in seeing.

Games listed under the Most played games tab include Fortnite, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Roblox, Grand Theft Auto 5, Diablo 4, and Rainbow Six Siege. Spiderwolfen makes clear that they don’t even own most of these games, but also aren’t interested in the games they do have access to. They have no influence over what’s shown, and don’t understand why they’re being shown it — other than for advertising purposes.

Many comments refer to similar ongoing threads in the Xbox Insiders subreddit, where posts claim that Insiders have been making identical criticisms for months. It isn’t just the Most played games section that’s prominently featured, but also a tab featuring popular Xbox Game Pass games. Both are displayed even above an Xbox user’s personalized pins. Xbox has not responded to these criticisms and hasn’t made changes, either.

The frustration is understandable given that Xbox is publicly saying this update is designed around feedback, yet apparently, significant criticisms have been left unheard. Advertisements have been a part of the Xbox UI for years. They certainly won’t be going away anytime soon. However, users would likely prefer advertisements to be more clearly denoted, especially when they’re so prominently featured and unrelated to Xbox users’ interests.

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