June 24, 2024

xQc’s Mega Kick Deal Incites Shaq’s Interest in Live Streaming


  • Twitch’s rival, Kick.com, has caught the attention of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal due to its lucrative contract with content creator xQc.
  • The $100 million deal between Kick and xQc continues to generate buzz in the streaming community, with YouTuber Logan Paul expressing doubts about the contract amount.
  • Shaq humorously contemplates the idea of starting his own streaming career and congratulates xQc on his successful deal with Kick. Kick’s influential roster of streamers highlights its growing impact in the online streaming landscape. #EnergizerPartner

In a surprising twist, Twitch‘s formidable rival, Kick.com, has captured the attention of none other than the legendary sports figure, NBA Hall of Famer, and charismatic personality, Shaquille O’Neal. His curiosity was sparked upon discovering the lucrative multi-million-dollar contract signed by the renowned content creator, xQc, with Kick. This Trainwreck-backed streaming platform offers not only a superior remuneration package but also provides a more lenient ban policy environment compared to Twitch.

For those who might be unaware, Kick made headlines around mid-June when they announced the signing of xQc for an astonishing sum of $100 million. This extraordinary deal created a lot of buzz in the streaming community, attracting attention from various well-known personalities. One of them was renowned YouTuber Logan Paul, who openly expressed doubts about the immense amount involved in xQc’s contract with Kick. In response, xQc criticized how people tend to celebrate their own achievements but are quick to attribute others’ success solely to external factors like taxes.

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Although more than a month has passed since xQc’s grand deal with Kick, it continues to be a hot topic in the media. In a recent Full Squad Gaming podcast, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal was taken aback by the details of the deal. The revelation that xQc was earning $50 million per annum simply to play video games on Kick’s platform, and not even exclusively, piqued Shaq’s interest. He humorously warned xQc that he might soon face competition, as the concept of earning merely by switching on a camera and having people watch him seemed appealing.

When one of the hosts inquired if Shaq would consider streaming, he appeared intrigued yet unsure of what he would broadcast. However, after being enlightened that he could potentially stream anything, he seemed to contemplate the idea. As for how much he would charge, Shaq confidently stated that his price would be “up there.” He also congratulated Twitch and Kick streamer xQc on securing such a lucrative deal.

While it is uncertain whether Shaq will eventually start streaming and which platform he might choose, it’s noteworthy that Kick is consistently gaining a lot of attention through multiple popular signings. After xQc, Twitch’s most-watched female streamer Amouranth became the next major content creator to join Kick’s influential roster. These high-profile signings not only demonstrate the platform’s growing clout but also reflect the dedicated efforts made by Kick to elevate its status and impact within the dynamic landscape of online streaming.

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