April 20, 2024

Destiny 2 Fans Trick AI-Written Websites By Using Glorbo


  • The Glorbo phenomenon has captured the attention of the Destiny 2 community and is generating excitement on social media.
  • Glorbo started as a trap to expose AI-written articles, but has now expanded into various online communities.
  • Bots are scanning social media for mentions of Glorbo and producing articles, which has led to celebration within the Destiny 2 community on platforms like Reddit.

The Glorbo phenomenon has spread like wildfire all over social media thanks in part to the Destiny 2 community, and it shows in the AI-written articles now appearing on websites talking about what it supposedly is. A quick scan through websites like Reddit and Twitter suggest the mysterious Glorbo may be any number of things, ranging from a secret boss in the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon to a high-damage strategy players can use in endgame PvE content. The sheer amount of these posts is resulting in these AI-written pieces outlining what Glorbo is inside the game, much to the enjoyment of the Destiny community.

It speaks to the power of community that the Glorbo phenomenon has managed to persist for as long as it has since it began among World of Warcraft players. The idea of Glorbo began as a trap to expose AI-written articles by having people online talk about an exciting new ‘Glorbo’ feature coming to the game in the near future that wasn’t actually real. It eventually resulted in a Glorbo article popping up on the website The Portal, effectively opening the door for other communities to come up with their own Glorbos.

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Glorbo had been picking up momentum among the Destiny 2 community for several days before AI-written articles began to appear online, with bots scanning social media for mentions of Glorbo to produce pieces for their respective websites. Articles began appearing in short order, touching on ideas spread online such as Glorbo being a secret boss in one of the game’s dungeons or a new, complicated damage strategy that can one-phase bosses if executed correctly. The appearance of these articles has since led many in the Destiny 2 community to take proverbial victory laps as they shared clips of the pieces on Reddit.

Given what Destiny 2 players was able to do with the idea, it would not be surprising to see Glorbo find its way into communities for other games and produce similar results. It remains to be seen if it will persist within the Destiny 2 community, though, as many players are starting to turn their attention to the upcoming showcase for The Final Shape.

Destiny 2, as of this writing, is entering the homestretch of Season of the Deep as Bungie gears up for its next Destiny 2 Showcase on August 22, 2023. Players can catch up on the seasonal narrative which saw the return of Titan and Deputy Commander Sloane, the introduction of the leviathan Ahsa, Xivu Arath making her presence known more directly, and players learn more about The Witness’ origins. Solstice is also available for players to jump into between the EAZ activity space and a new set of armor to upgrade the visuals of.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Polygon

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