February 22, 2024

Destiny 2 Explains New Season 22 Hand Cannon Archetype


  • Bungie announced a new weapon archetype coming in Season 22 of Destiny 2, aiming to offer fresh gameplay opportunities.
  • The return of Warden’s Law Hand Cannon is just the beginning of a new burst-fire-based Hand Cannon archetype, with more options to come.
  • Bungie is gradually revealing information about features, weapons, and activities for Season 22 of Destiny 2 leading up to the showcase on August 22.

Bungie, the developer behind the highly successful looter-shooter Destiny 2, has officially announced a new weapon archetype coming in Season 22, with detailed insight into the development decisions. Since the launch of the Witch Queen expansion, the studio has invested heavily in unique weapons and archetypes that offer players fresh gameplay opportunities. Coupled with the changes introduced in Destiny 2‘s Season of the Deep, Bungie hopes for the upcoming expansion to the weapon sandbox to have a long-lasting effect.

Destiny 2‘s impressive weapon arsenal and its resulting breadth of gameplay are a large part of the game’s overall success. While not a unique feature for looter-shooters, Destiny 2‘s ability to seamlessly blend weapon-based combat with ability-oriented gameplay with symbiotic perks and build-crafting is almost second to none. Players can use various bladed and projectile-based weapons, which fall into separate categories based on functionality and intended roles. To further diversify the options, the developers have broken up these weapons into sub-categories based on factors such as rate of fire, optimal range, and even the number and type of projectiles fired, called archetypes.

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In the latest official blog post for Destiny 2, Bungie has outlined the return of a Hand Cannon from the Forsaken era. The post elaborates on the developers’ decision to reintroduce the Warden’s Law Hand Cannon from the previously mentioned expansion and bring necessary changes to make the weapon compatible with the current sandbox. A unique Hand Cannon with burst-fire capabilities, the current iteration of Warden’s Law fires two rounds per trigger pull instead of three. The new weapon also boasts different bullet spread patterns, a slower burst rate of 600 RPM instead of the old 900 to compensate for the recoil, a slightly elevated time-to-kill of 0.93 seconds, an optimal range of 35 meters with manual recoil control, and plenty of design space left for perks to improve the different stats even further.

The post details the return of Warden’s Law into Destiny 2‘s updated weapon sandbox is only the first step to welcoming a new burst-fire-based Hand Cannon archetype, which will be saturated with more options later on. While the post mentions the Exotic Hand Cannon Crimson as an example of differing philosophies, the developers haven’t commented on any future Exotics of this archetype. Considering Bungie has a penchant for saving Exotic Weapons and Armor as a late-season surprise, players shouldn’t abandon all hope just yet.

As Season of the Deep slowly wraps up to make way for Season 22, Bungie is slowly publishing more information regarding features, weapons, and activities to generate hype. So far, the studio has confirmed the dates for the next reprised Destiny 2 raid, changes to Exotic Missions and rewards, and much more. The developers have promised to provide eager players with two more informative blog posts leading up to the eventual showcase on August 22.

Destiny 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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