March 2, 2024

Minecraft Player Shows off Amazing Jungle Base


  • A Minecraft player has created an incredible jungle base with structures atop the tree line, showcasing their creativity in building unique homes.
  • The player strategically used different materials, such as copper and prismarine, to match the jungle color scheme and create an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • While the exterior of the buildings looks impressive, the player has not yet furnished the interiors, indicating that the screenshot provided is the best way to appreciate the jungle base at this stage.

A Minecraft player has shown off their amazing jungle base that includes multiple structures atop the tree line. Minecraft fans have been making unique structures since the game was released in 2011, and this gamer may have one of the most incredible jungle homes.

There are many Minecraft biomes that players can build in, with the game featuring a total of 48 in the overworld, 5 in the Nether, and 1 in the end. Included in the Minecraft overworld biomes that players typically call home are desert, mushroom, swamp, tundra, and forest. Because of this variety, there are different types of forests in Minecraft, including birch, pine, or spruce, and roofed trees. Taking things further than a roofed tree Minecraft biome, this player has made houses in the tree tops of a jungle.

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Reddit user Harwould recently shared an image of their jungle base from Survival mode which has some buildings near the bottom and several in the tree tops. Originally designed in Minecraft Creative mode, the jungle location has a building that’s opposite an entrance on the ground level, a central structure in the middle, and three towers next to a three-level castle on top. The towers and castle extend higher than any of the jungle trees near it, showing how tall the Minecraft creation reaches. What Harwould has tentatively dubbed a jungle steampunk theme is primarily green and brown thanks to the Minecraft materials used in its creation.

Harwould uses different types of copper to play off the jungle color scheme, strategically placing Prismarine for a design that matches the Minecraft biome appropriately. Beyond those essentials, there are also visible chests, lightning rods, iron bars, trap doors, wood, Redstone torches, wood, and cobblestone. With much of the upper level illuminated by lanterns, there are some hanging lights between the top and middle levels that provide some visibility below but mostly add to the aesthetic. Being near so many Minecraft jungle trees, there are vines connected to leaf blocks that reach Harwould’s base, potentially allowing the player to access the top floor in different ways.

While it looks impressive on the outside, Harwould has stated that the buildings shown in their image have no interiors to them. Despite the outside already taking a long time to complete, the player would still need furniture for the buildings if they intend to make it their primary base in the Minecraft Survival world. Though Harwould’s post only has one image, the lack of interiors may suggest that their screenshot is the most optimal way of observing this jungle base so far.

Minecraft is available now for mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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