May 21, 2024

Pokemon Fan Shows Off Incredible Game Boy Advance ‘Pokegardens’


  • A Pokemon fan has created Pokegardens using Game Boy and Game Boy Advance shells, showcasing their favorite Pokemon in a unique way.
  • The Pokegardens are small terrariums with the shells matching the color scheme of decorative rocks, flowers, and fauna, giving them a nostalgic look.
  • Accomplished-Top4709 sells their Pokegardens on Etsy and accepts custom requests for Pokemon that are not featured in their post, showcasing their attention to detail and creativity.

A Pokemon fan has used Game Boy and Game Boy Advance shells as the base for incredible “Pokegardens.” Since the first Pokemon games were released, players have been making art dedicated to their favorite Pokemon, with these Pokegardens highlighting some in a unique way.

Main series Pokemon titles have been consistently released on Nintendo devices since the 1990s, resulting in multiple generations of fans. Pokemon fan art has gone beyond images several times already, with some gamers creating life-sized statues of Pokemon and others making pull-apart rugs. With 3D printing already involved in some Pokemon fan projects, there are seemingly limitless possibilities for future DIY projects. Pokemon players often get creative with their dedication to the franchise, and that’s no different from what this fan has dubbed Pokegardens.

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Reddit user Accomplished-Top4709 recently shared 16 photos of their Pokemon creations called Pokegardens. Each Pokegarden is a small terrarium dedicated to up to two Pokemon each, with the environment reflecting its inhabitants. The Game Boy and Game Boy Advance shells match the color scheme of decorative rocks, flowers, and fauna used in the terrarium. Given that the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance were home to some of the most popular Pokemon generations, these Pokegardens have a nostalgic look. The images shared by Accomplished-Top4709 show Pokegardens for Eevee and Yamper, Arceus, Sylveon, Corvisquire, Squirtle, Mega Charizard, Charmander, Latios, Magikarp, Umbreon, Obstagoon, Pikachu, Grookey, Tediursa, Gengar, and an Eevee on its own.

With pink and blue flowers accentuating Sylveon’s color scheme, and Magikarp getting similarly yellow and orange decorations, the Pokegardens have a clear attention to detail. Mossy pieces stick out from exposed parts of the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance units, highlighting how much of the empty shells Accomplished-Top4709 uses for their Pokegardens. Accomplished-Top4709 stated that they sell their Pokegardens on Etsy where they accept custom requests for Pokemon that aren’t featured in their post. Some Pokegardens listed exclusively on their Etsy feature Riolu, Galarian Rapidash, Psyduck, and Mew.

Though the shell of each Pokegarden is mostly unchanged, the diorama design of the Pokemon coming out of the screen makes it appear as if the game is coming to life. Because several Pokemon featured in the Pokegardens don’t belong to the first three Pokemon generations, Accomplished-Top4709 didn’t limit which ones to focus on based on the shells. Given that Accomplished-Top4709 has used Nintendo DS shells for other creations, Accomplished-Top4709 may move beyond the first two Nintendo handhelds for future projects.

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