June 15, 2024

Pokemon Fan Makes Paradox Forms for Squirtle Evolutionary Line


  • Creative fan creates Paradox form concept art for Squirtle and its evolutionary line, giving them a refreshing new look.
  • The official release date for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC is still unknown, but players are engaged with Tera Raid events and creating their own content.
  • The community is pleased with the artist’s work, with some recognizing influences from other games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario.

One creative fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has created Paradox form concept art for Squirtle and the rest of the Water-type’s evolutionary line. The designs are likely refreshing for the rest of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet community, especially since it provides them with three different looks for the pocket creatures all at once.

Since the reveal of the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, many fans have been anticipating the official release date of the new expansion. However, The Pokemon Company has to yet to share any concrete details on when players should expect the DLC to be launched. In the meantime, the game’s team has been keeping the player base busy with regular Tera Raid events, and the community is also preoccupied with generating their own content about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as well.

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On Reddit, user Nickname-S shared their concept art featuring Squirtle and its evolutionary line, illustrating what the pocket creatures would look like if they had Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paradox forms. At one glance, fans will easily see that the artist had deviated from Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise’s blue color scheme, instead opting for earthy brown shades for their bodies. What’s more, the wave-like tails of Squirtle and Wartortle were replaced by club-like ones, and also added to the artist’s Paradox form for Blastoise. They also gave titles for each pocket creature, naming them Smashing Shell, Hardened Tutel, and Battering Beast accordingly.

This is not the first time a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan made Paradox form fan art for a Kanto starter, but Nickname-S has gone all-out with their pieces, even giving them different elements from their original Water type. Each of these Paradox form Pokemon are Ground/Steel-types, and this can clearly be seen in the way they were drawn. The community seems quite pleased with the artist’s work, especially since they can tell what influenced the artist. One pointed out that the Paradox form for Blastoise has a shell reminiscent of Gleerok’s in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Gen 7’s Turtonator, and even Super Mario‘s Bowser.

Nickname-S actually has a series of YouTube videos that show off their Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paradox form fan art. They have made a lot of design concepts so far, and do not seem like they are going to stop any time soon. Interested fans should check out their content if they want to see more of their work.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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