April 24, 2024

Tears of the Kingdom Player Builds 360-Degree Rotating Hoverbike


  • Tears of the Kingdom’s construction mechanics allow players to build innovative vehicles like a 360-degree rotating hoverbike, showcasing the game’s freedom and endless possibilities.
  • Players can use Tears of the Kingdom’s Ultrahand ability to understand the intricacies of vehicle creation and make use of the game’s Autobuild ability to store and recreate their vehicle designs.
  • The build incorporates railings from Right-leg Depot and Zonai fans to create propulsion and wind power, respectively, showcasing the variety of items and devices available in Tears of the Kingdom for vehicle customization.

A Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player has built a hoverbike that can rotate 360 degrees while in use. Tears of the Kingdom‘s construction mechanics open Hyrule up with endless possibilities and let players express their imagination practically without any restrictions. Since the game launched in May, players have discovered genius ways to craft vehicles and interconnected systems, with one being the fuse entanglement glitch that allows them to create quantum aircraft. Though there are many instructional posts available, players should come to grips with Tears of the Kingdom‘s Ultrahand ability to understand the nuances of vehicle creation.

Tears of the Kingdom‘s freedom has led to dream vehicles like a Batmobile and a functional mech that can walk on lakes and rivers. These mechanical devices allow Link to navigate across mountainous regions, fly through the air, and cross bodies of water faster than he could on his own. Vehicles are useful to explore beautiful places in Tears of the Kingdom, and players can store their schematics with the Autobuild ability to recreate them at a later time.

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In a post submitted to the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit, a user named divlogue showed their impressive hoverbike that can rotate 360 degrees in the air without balance issues. The player seems to have attached a lot of railings to create a square, and they placed the control unit in the middle of this prototype. The railings are useful items with which players can create a propulsion system to produce thrust and push their vehicles forward. The original poster has taken advantage of these spare materials and upgraded this Tears of the Kingdom hoverbike build with a futuristic design.

The core part of the build is the railings players can find in Right-leg Depot, a dungeon located in Tears of the Kingdom‘s Construct Factory. Players who want to construct the hoverbike should know that they will use a stabilizer to keep it from toppling over. In the comments, many people have praised the vehicle’s inspirational design, with some advising the player to rebuild it with the fuse entanglement glitch.

The build also uses a few Zonai fans, which produce wind power with their propeller. These advanced items are just one type of Tears of the Kingdom‘s Zonai devices that bring many advantages to players. For example, players can either turn their vehicles into war engines by attaching a few beam emitters or combine them with their weapons and armor to increase their durability. Zonai devices can be obtained through Device Dispensers in the Sky Islands.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on Nintendo Switch.

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