May 21, 2024

TikToker Responds to Video of Child Using Bride’s Dress As Napkin

  • A TikTok video of a child using a bride’s dress as a napkin has sparked a wedding etiquette debate.
  • Some viewers praised the bride for her calm reaction, others criticized the child’s parents.
  • Many viewers said the video has confirmed their decision not to invite children to their wedding.

A TikTok video of a child using a bride’s dress as a napkin to wipe her face has led to a debate about whether or not children should be invited to weddings. 

The viral video was posted on July 24 by Kristen Fox, who goes by the TikTok username @thefoxsaystwins. It shows a young child rubbing their face with the hem of a white dress worn by a woman in a veil. The video caption reads, “When you can’t find a napkin so you use the bride’s dress.” 

At first, the woman didn’t seem to notice what the child was doing. When she did, she laughed and covered her face. Soon after, a woman, who many viewers guessed was the child’s mother, appeared at the side of the shot and joined in laughing as she gently pulled the child away.

But not everyone found it as funny. The video has been viewed over 1.3 million times and has sparked a debate between viewers about whether or not children should be invited to weddings. 

“Do not recommend serving ketchup with the chicken nuggets and fries for the kiddie meal…or just don’t invite kids,” Fox wrote in the video description. 

Several viewers praised the bride for her calm reaction, while others criticized the child’s parents for allowing it to happen. Several viewers called out the woman who intervened to pull the child away for laughing. 

While many viewers commented that the video had confirmed their decision not to invite children to their wedding, not everyone was in agreement. One viewer referred to children as “the best part of any get-together,” and questioned how people could willingly “exclude” them. 

The next day on July 25, Fox posted a follow-up TikTok video that documented the rest of their time at the wedding. In the video, she revealed that the footage wasn’t actually from the wedding day itself — it was from the rehearsal dinner. 

“Y’all are freaking out about our video with the bride and groom so we’re gonna tell you the real side of the story,” she wrote in the video caption. 


The video follows Fox’s children, Jayna and Kinsley, throughout their aunt and uncle’s wedding weekend. It includes the clip from the original video that showed one of the children using the bride’s dress to wipe her face. 

At the end of the video, Fox revealed that her children didn’t actually attend the wedding at all.

The caption, which was written from the perspective of the children, read, “When it was actually time for the wedding, mom had the audacity to tell us we had to stay with the babysitter in the hotel room and we weren’t invited. Rude.”

This is not the first time a video about wedding etiquette has caused a stir on TikTok. In 2022, a bride-to-be went viral after sharing her wedding rules, which included a controversial “no kids” rule. 

In 2022, Kimberly Martir, who works as a wedding coordinator, told Insider that there are multiple things to consider before inviting children to weddings.

She said that factors such as how many members of the bridal party have children, the start and end time of the wedding, and how loud the venue will be, should all be taken into account. 

She added that if you do decide to invite children to your big day, it is also important to check that the wedding venue will be safe for children, as many are not designed with children in mind.

“They’re not thinking about somebody who might have a 2-year-old running who’s curious about what’s going on with the fish in the water and falls,” Martir said. 

Kristen Fox did not respond to Insider’s request for comment. 

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