May 27, 2024

Final Fantasy 14 devs say increased system requirements have an extra benefit: you’ll be able to play other games, too

Final Fantasy 14 is getting a major graphics update, but the improved visuals will come at the cost of increased system requirements. The devs note that there’s an extra benefit to upgrading your machine here: you’ll be able to play other games, too.

The new minimum and recommended system requirements were confirmed at the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival earlier today, and there’s quite a jump in hardware expectations. The old minimum requirements would let you get away with an i5 processor paired with a severely aging GPU like the GTX 750 or R7 260X. Now you’ll need an i7-6700 and a GTX 970 or RX 480 at minimum, which effectively means that the old recommended requirements are the new minimum.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

You can see all the new specs in full in the image above, with the caveat that these specs are subject to change pending final balancing. The new recommended requirements look just about like any other modern game, right down to the 140GB of hard drive space. Those high resolution textures need their space, after all. The new system requirements will hit alongside the first part of the graphics update next summer, alongside the launch of the new expansion Dawntrail.

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