May 27, 2024

Health care after pregnancy – VA News

We know life after pregnancy can get pretty hectic, and it can be tough to prioritize you first. Whether it’s the lack of sleep that comes with being a new parent or the emotional toll that pregnancy or pregnancy loss can have on your mental health, VA gets it.

We provide a variety of health care services during and after pregnancy, and we consider the unique needs that may come with being a Veteran so you receive health care that is tailored to you. In the months after giving birth or experiencing pregnancy loss, you may experience a tremendous amount of change and responsibility… all while dealing with your body’s physical recovery. We can help.

VA plays a crucial role in providing health care after pregnancy by creating a personalized care plan and connecting you to services that are most helpful for your situation. Your health care team is here to support you physically and mentally so you can achieve your best health.

Following a pregnancy, we’re here for you

Care Coordination and Support. Every VA offers Maternity Care Coordinators who are with you every step of the way. Whether helping you navigate postpartum health care options, connecting you to resources or answering your questions, we’ve got you covered.

Connection to Primary Care. At VA, the health care you receive after pregnancy is just as important as your prenatal care. Your primary care team is here to support you in physical recovery, from birth (including pelvic floor recovery) and health maintenance through routine exams and check-ups, to make sure you regain your strength.

Changes in Health. You may have developed health conditions (like high blood pressure) that you didn’t have before pregnancy, or you may have experienced complications during pregnancy or birth. VA will help you manage any new or existing conditions so you can keep your health on track while you get back to everyday life.

Mental Health Resources. Your mental health matters. VA knows not every pregnancy journey is a smooth one. And we understand the impact your military career may have had on your mental health. We support your mental wellbeing before, during and after pregnancy through:

  • Mental health check-ins and counseling
  • Resources for miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss
  • Support for other factors that may affect your mental wellness, like trouble feeding, substance use or sexual health.

VA recognizes the importance of both physical and mental health after pregnancy, and we aim to support your overall health and happiness. No matter what your journey looks like following a pregnancy, we’re here for you at every turn.

Let’s create a health care plan together! Learn about the services available to you or talk to your maternity care coordinator or VA health care team.

You can also call or text the Women Veterans Call Center at 1-855-VA-WOMEN for more information.

For more information on women’s health care, visit VA News and Information.

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