March 3, 2024

Monster Hunter Now Reveals Gameplay, Weapons, and Monsters


  • Capcom has revealed new gameplay and features for Monster Hunter Now, including fighting up to 13 monsters and using a variety of weapons.
  • The game’s development team has been stress-testing through closed beta phases and has now shared plenty of new information in an online showcase.
  • Monster Hunter Now will feature AR capabilities and location-based gameplay, with a focus on balancing action-packed hunts with the features of games like Pokemon GO.

Capcom has just revealed the new gameplay and features that players can expect once its upcoming mobile title Monster Hunter Now launches this 2023. Unveiled during the recent Monster Hunter Now online showcase, the game’s development team also shared other details such as the official release date, and more.

There has been a lot of speculation within the community about Monster Hunter Now since it was announced last April 2023. Both Capcom and Niantic have generally been quiet about the title, leaving the player base to wonder what is in store when the game launches. However, the team has been stress-testing the game by hosting several closed beta phases. And now, the online showcase has revealed plenty of new information that the community can mull over before the game is released later this year.

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Hosting a 30-minute online showcase with key members of the development team, the game’s producers explained a variety of gameplay features and details that fans will see in Monster Hunter Now. Fans can expect to fight up to 13 monsters from Iceborne, a previous Monster Hunter game, such as Great Jagras, Pukei-Pukei, Diablos, Rathalos, and more. What’s more, hunters will be able to equip a variety of weapons like the Sword & Shield, Great Sword, Long Sword, Hammer, and Light Bowgun. And given that Monster Hunter Now focuses on players gaming outside, the team clarified that, in terms of story, there will be a series of simple quests under one narrative.

The online showcase goes into quite a bit of detail regarding Monster Hunter Now‘s AR capabilities and its location-based gameplay. The producers discussed how development took four years, particularly since they were concerned about balancing the action-packed hunts of the Monster Hunter series with the location-based features of titles like Pokemon GO. They also talked about how they focused on making sure that players will encounter an ample amount of monsters and points of interest in Monster Hunter Now, no matter where in the world they are based.

With the Monster Hunter Now launch happening in a couple of months, one thing that players can take away from the producers is that they can expect the same attention to detail and amazing visuals that they would normally see in any other Monster Hunter title. In the online showcase, footage shows that the development team seemed to have made sure of that. Hopefully more will be revealed about the mobile game when the release date draws ever nearer.

Monster Hunter Now will be released on mobile devices on September 14, 2023. Pre-registration period is open now.

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