May 24, 2024

Pokemon GO Datamine Reveals New Costume for Pikachu Coming in Upcoming Event


  • Pikachu will receive a new summer-themed costume in an upcoming event, giving players a chance to catch a variant during Pokemon GO Fest 2023.
  • Pokemon GO Fest 2023 will take place in London, Osaka, and New York City, allowing players to meet and catch new Pokemon like Diancie.
  • Mega Rayquaza will debut in limited-time raids during Pokemon GO Fest 2023, with a new Special Research that allows players to Mega Evolve Rayquaza and teach it new moves.

A Pokemon GO datamine reveals that the ever-popular Pikachu will receive a new summer-themed costume in an upcoming event. Pokemon GO players can also expect the debut of a new Mythical Pokemon as Pokemon GO Fest 2023 approaches this August.

Although Pokemon GO’s Routes feature is plagued with technical issues, players will have many more opportunities to earn new Pokemon and rewards by participating in Pokemon GO Fest 2023 throughout August. Pokemon GO Fest 2023 will come to London and Osaka first on August 4, followed by the event’s arrival in New York City on August 18. The event will be present in these cities for three consecutive days, allowing players to meet and catch new Pokemon like Mythical Pokemon Diancie in Pokemon GO. Players who are unable to attend these in-person events may wait until the start of Pokemon GO Fest 2023: Global on August 26 to catch Diancie in their local area.

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A new Pokemon GO datamine from PokeMiners reveals that a new summer shirt costume will be available for Pikachu during Pokemon GO Fest 2023. This new costume appears to be a variant of the Okinawan Kariyushi Shirt Pikachu costume, which was introduced in the Japan-exclusive Air Adventures Okinawa event in Pokemon GO. The data only reveals the in-game model for the new Pikachu costume, so the exact method for earning it is currently unknown. However, the user’s discoveries reveal that a shiny costume variant may be obtained during the annual event.

Mega and shiny variants of Diancie are also depicted alongside the new Pikachu costume in the datamine. Pokemon GO Fest 2023 attendees in London and Osaka will be the first players who are able to catch Diancie. Moreover, Diancie’s Mega Evolution will be available first in London and Osaka, so players in the United States and other regions of the world must wait until the latter half of August.

Pikachu’s Pokemon GO Fest 2023 costume is not entirely original, but it may be a welcomed bonus to some Pokemon GO fans since the summer shirt was previously exclusive to Japan. Niantic will most likely reveal more details about how fans may earn this costume since the annual event is only a week away.

Mega Rayquaza will also make its global Pokemon GO debut in limited-time raids next month. The iconic Pokemon will appear during Pokemon GO Fest 2023, and a new Rayquaza Special Research will become available. The new Special Research lets players gather Meteorites, granting them the ability to Mega Evolve Rayquaza and teach it new moves.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS.

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