May 24, 2024

Post Malone death sentence hoax baffles social media but it’s not true

Published: 2023-07-28T12:03:47

  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-28T12:04:00

There have been reports surfacing the internet claiming Post Malone has faced a death sentence, however, this is untrue. Here’s how the rumors began circulating the internet.

Post Malone is an American rapper and songwriter who has also come to be known as a hardcore gamer, even getting a Marvel Snap tattoo in his latest tattoo session.

However, he is not in prison or being convicted of some crime, but he did have his ‘last meal’, which gave rise to these rumors in the first place.

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The internet circulated the news regarding Post Malone getting a death sentence at the end of July, confusing many fans online.

A user asked, “I’m confused why did Post Malone get the death penalty?” while another exclaimed, “I’m confused why did Post Malone get the death penalty?”

Reason for Post Malone’s death penalty hoax

The rumor began spreading when the rapper made an appearance on the YouTube series Mythical Kitchen and ate what would be his ‘last meal’ if he was in that situation.

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The series involves celebrities being interviewed by chef Josh Scherer while eating the food they would like to consume on their last day on Earth. The rapper’s choice of meal as a starter was a plate stacked full of mozzarella sticks, garlic knots, and a side of marinara sauce.

Meanwhile, for the main course, Malone chose Raising Cane’s chicken tenders, stuffed crust pizza, chicken parm, and filet mignon steak with teriyaki sauce.

He also included a bowl of spicy ramen along with a glass of his own wine, Maison No. 9, and for deserts he chose frosted flakes cereal as well as chocolate chip cookies.

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Death penalty hoax fools Malone’s fans

Many of his fans got confused about the rumors and genuinely believed he got the death penalty for some crime he committed.

A fan wrote: “I need to stay off this app cause not y’all telling me Post Malone got the death penalty for murder and I believed it.”

While many others expressed their shock by simply asking if Malone really got the death penalty. Another added: “What’s this news about post malone and him eating his last meal??”

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However, the rapper is completely fine and it’s just another case of death hoaxes having people convinced.

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