February 29, 2024

Fallout 4 Player Builds Incredible Harry Potter Diagon Alley Settlement


  • Fallout 4 player recreates Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley within the game, showcasing the versatility of the settlement-building tools.
  • The use of building mods like Workshop Rearranged, Snappy House Kit, and Scrap Everything enables the intricate construction of Diagon Alley.
  • Settlements are an integral part of the Fallout 4 experience, and their role in future Fallout games, such as Fallout 5, is a subject of debate among gamers.

A dedicated gamer online has recreated Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter movies using the settlement-building tools in Fallout 4. Even if these two franchises seem extremely different thematically, there’s something about seeing Diagon Alley in Fallout 4 that many seem to enjoy.

When the game was first released, base building in Fallout 4 was touted as a key new feature for players to experience. The demo of Todd Howard showing it in action remains iconic to this day, and the feature itself has been used many times over the years to create some incredible and unique builds. It’s always intriguing when players utilize the tools to bring scenes and locations from other games and movies to life. One Fallout 4 player recently built a town inspired by Mad Max, which thematically fits almost perfectly with the world of Fallout.

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The video was posted by YouTuber SirBalz, showing the amazing settlement that brings Harry Potter‘s Diagon Alley into the world of Fallout 4. Despite being made within the confines of the game engine, the location is instantly recognizable to fans of the franchise, although the radiation storm used to show off Diagon Alley certainly gives it a creepier vibe than people might be used to. That said, all of this isn’t just for show – Diagon Alley looks like a totally viable location for a settlement build in Fallout 4, even if it would need a few more defenses to get it to that point.

According to SirBalz, they are using a few building mods for the game to make this level of construction possible. These mods are Workshop Rearranged, Snappy House Kit, and Scrap Everything, all of which make the building tools a little more intuitive and versatile to use. There are plenty of amazing Fallout 4 settlement mods out there, and it’s great to see them put to use to bring something as iconic as Diagon Alley to life.

Considering how important settlements are to the Fallout 4 experience, it will be interesting to see what role they play in any potential upcoming Fallout 5. Debates are already raging online about what they could entail – some even feel that Fallout 5 can be so much more than settlements. It’s certainly an interesting idea, but given Starfield‘s focus on a similar system, gamers should expect settlements to be a core ingredient of the Bethesda formula for years to come. With The Elder Scrolls 6 seeming more likely to arrive before Fallout 5, it’ll likely be some time before players know exactly what the game will entail regardless.

Fallout 4 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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