February 21, 2024

Best Laptop Deals and Sales in July 2023

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Summer is prime time for finding the best laptop deals of the year. The later it gets, the better the back-to-school laptop deals will get. At $750, Apple’s M1 MacBook Air is an excellent find not just for students, but anyone looking for a no-frills do-it-all (except gaming) machine. If you’re more inclined to Windows and trying to save money, Best Buy has a great offer on a Dell Inspiron laptop right now. It’s down to $400 after a 33% discount. It’ll be up to most productivity tasks without breaking a sweat.

There’s plenty more to consider elsewhere. We’re always updating this guide with our latest finds for unbeatable laptop deals. Our guide covers multiple price points and usage needs for various buyers, and we compare prices across retailers to ensure we’re presenting the best deals.

We understand most people don’t need a super powerful piece of kit, so where we can find a solid laptop that will handle the basics for work or study for a low price point (many well under $500), we’re there. Of course, some of you might need something with a little more grunt to run more demanding applications or do a little gaming, and we’ve got you covered there too.

Top 10 laptop deals of the week

Whether you need a simple Chromebook for browsing or a more substantial Windows laptop for work or school, here are all the best laptop deals you can shop this week, including many quality options under $300.

A great starter laptop for anyone, the Lenovo IdeaPad 3i can handle basic browsing and productivity without breaking the bank, thanks to its Intel Core i3 processor. It has 128GB of storage and runs Windows 11 in S Mode, limiting you to apps available in the Microsoft Store. With 4GB of RAM, however, you’ll want to keep your browser tabs in check.

If you need something basic for web browsing and word processing, this $279 Lenovo Chromebook does the trick without draining your savings. The 11-inch display gets plenty bright (400 nits) and sharp (2000 x 1200), making it an ideal portable streaming companion. There’s 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM to help the ARM-based Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 processor. A built-in kickstand supports its detachable keyboard, so it’s not particularly comfortable for lap-bound usage.

This super portable 14-inch laptop is bursting with value today thanks to the fresh price cut. It’s rare to see such specs on a PC this affordable but Gateway has become something of a specialist in keeping prices down. You’re getting 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD which means this will be more than adequate for multitasking. Those specs are backed up further by an i5 processor, fingerprint scanner, and a Full HD display.

Gateway’s laptops have really pushed through over the last few years as a budget laptop brand that offer nice specs with some stylish designs too. The brand is a Walmart exclusive nowadays and there are quite a few models available there at different prices. While we’d point you to the model above first as it offers more powerful specs, double the 8GB RAM/256GB SSD seen here, this one is worth a look if you really need a larger display. The battery life has impressed on most reviews too, but the dodgy trackpad seems to be a common downside – not that it will matter much if you’re using a mouse.

Best MacBook deals

MacBook sales come and go like the wind, so catch a wave on these discounts (up to 25% off) while they’re still available.

Best gaming laptop deals

You’ll pay quite a bit more for gaming laptops compared to business- and student-oriented models, but these deals can get you some serious horsepower for relatively affordable prices.

Want to see more laptop sales?

If you haven’t found something for your needs above, peruse the laptop sales highlighted at the retailers below to see if something else catches your eye. Most have everything from budget laptops around $200 or less, plenty of mid-range picks, and even discounts on more powerful machines specializing in gaming, graphic design, or media editing.

We will also regularly update the laptop selection above with fresh deals over time, so feel free to bookmark us and check back in soon.

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