February 21, 2024

‘Loki’ Season 2’s Release Date Nears To Make You Forget About ‘Secret Invasion’

While the Disney Plus era of the MCU has not been…all that great, if you ask anyone what their favorite series out of the ones so far has been, the majority of people are probably going to say Loki, with WandaVision perhaps a close second, the first two series.

Now, thankfully, Loki season 2 is almost here, probably the show the MCU needed the most in order to wash the taste of Secret Invasion out of everyone’s mouths, easily the worst series that has come out of the Disney Plus period and a waste of an extraordinary amount of talent, including an actual Oscar winner.

Loki season 2 will be released on October 6, not delayed because of the Writers and Actors strike, and not altered because of Jonathan Majors arrest. Even as Majors was dropped by other projects and sponsors, Disney has not removed him as Kang, the big-bad of this phase and a key figure in Loki season 2. Or at least one of the versions of him.

I think despite everything that’s happened with most of these Marvel shows, everyone still has pretty high hopes for season 2 of the show. If it can channel any of the absurdity and humor and style of the first one, it may be in good shape.

After that? It’s anyone’s guess, and things get a lot cloudier in the wake of Disney CEO Bob Iger saying the Disney Plus shows have “diluted” the MCU’s quality. There only appear to be a few series that are outright guaranteed to be released. Echo is finished and out November 29, though that’s a series that did not seem destined to be a standout, and feels like the kind of “dilution,” existing for its own sake, that Bob Iger was talking about.

What If…? season 2 will probably be cool, but it’s hard to consider that a true part of the MCU. Ironheart, again, seems like a risk, something that probably should have been a movie. Agatha: Coven of Chaos is a WandaVision sequel lacking both Wanda and Vision, but hopefully Agatha herself can carry it. But here we’re starting to get into series that I wonder if they might end up cut.

Daredevil Born Again is shooting now, and while fan were excited about that, many are wondering if it will retain its mature content, and reports are that the show may be ditching some of the Netflix era’s major cast members.

After that, things get more nebulous. There’s some sort of Wonder Man series in the works, a Wakanda-based show. And of course no real idea if shows like Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel or She-Hulk will get second seasons, as nothing official has been announced about any of them, which seems bizarre.

But as strange as the Plus MCU is, I do have faith in Loki season 2, so just two months until that, I guess.

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