May 21, 2024

Readers sound off on fare collection, Israel’s predicaments and Mitch McConnell’s health

Jamaica: As a former NYC Transit employee and now a civil service employee (no, they are not the same), I think I have a unique approach to the fare issue. I’ve had this idea for all the years I worked there.

I see a lot of people along my bus line, Q6, who don’t pay the fare. They get on the bus, look at the operator and keep walking. I wasn’t raised that way. You pay your fare or you walk. Even when I drove the bus, more than 90% of the passengers paid their fare or at least put something in the fare box. That 10% who didn’t were mainly school kids who either didn’t qualify for a reduced/free pass or lost their pass. My only rule was don’t sneak through the back door. Come through the front door, be respectful and ask, because you can’t go through life sneaking through the back door.

I’m not sure how it would be implemented, but charge a set rate per month and then they can ride the system with no additional payment required. If an adult monthly MetroCard is $130 and for each child $75, a family of three would pay $280 a month for unlimited rides/transfers. $280 divided by $2.90 (the new rate) is 96 individual rides or 48 round trips. Not having to collect fares would alleviate tensions between bus operators and passengers, resulting in less assaults. I’ve been there, getting five stitches in your forehead for doing your job. There will still be fare increases, but if set low enough with everyone contributing, they shouldn’t be a heavy blow. Cassandra Murray

Brooklyn: Mayor Adams shows concern for the elderly when he asks us to look in on our seniors during this recent heat wave. Wonderful. Now, Mr. Mayor, please show the same concern for the retired city workers by stopping this idea of taking us off traditional Medicare and placing us on an inferior Medicare Advantage Plus plan. Ed Greenspan

Congers, N.Y.: I wholeheartedly agree with Voicer George A. Kritzler about pitchers throwing complete games. The bullpen used to be for when a pitcher was either injured or having trouble in a game. Now those decisions are based on pitch count. And those pitchers he mentioned — can you imagine telling Nolan Ryan or Bob Gibson, “Sorry, but your pitch count is too high and I’m taking you out of the game”? I can only imagine where their next pitches would have been thrown — directly at those managers foolish enough to suggest it. Beth Friscino

Hamden, Conn.: Re “Cop killer will go free on parole” (July 27): Scott Cobb should never be released from prison. His involvement in the murder of NYPD Officer Edward Byrne is a crime and stain that will never go away. Shame on whoever made this decision and RIP to Officer Byrne. Christopher Lyons

Atlanta: ReLaw and order in Israel” (editorial, July 25): Israel’s Supreme Court is not the bastion of democracy many opponents of judicial reform claim it is. Sitting judges block the appointments of judicial candidates deemed to be less woke than themselves. The court cancels laws considered unreasonable by the judges. Businesses complain that judges ignore the actual wording of contracts, basing rulings on the judges’ understanding of the intent of the documents’ authors. Rather than serving as a check and balance on the Knesset, Israel’s Supreme Court is attempting to dominate the legislature. Years of probing Benjamin Netanyahu have resulted in a three-year trial that, it has recently been announced, may be dismissed for lack of evidence. Netanyahu’s supporters had long contended that the case against him was the court’s attempt to criminalize politics and shut down the government. Toby F. Block

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Forest Hills: Voicer Nick Smith has a very selective memory regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I don’t know how old Smith is, but I am old enough to remember the terrorist attacks by the PLO against Israel in the 1970s and 1980s. The attacks continued until Israel improved its security measures and cracked down on the terrorist faction of the Palestinian movement. In addition, Yasser Arafat walked away from peace negotiations in 2000. If Arafat had agreed to the treaty, Palestinians would be sharing Israel peacefully with Israelis. Instead, he took their money and lived lavishly in Paris. While I am certainly not a fan of Netanyahu and I believe Israelis and Palestinians should be able to share Israel, I will never forget the terror that Palestinians reigned on the Israelis. There is a reason Israelis are wary of Palestinians. Libby Gurgis

Glen Oaks: Concerned Citizens on Manipur, an activist group, is organizing a prayer vigil in front of the United Nations building in Manhattan today at 11 a.m. in solidarity with the victims of violence in the northeastern state of Manipur in India and to pray for restoration of peace. There is a violent conflict in the tiny state between the majority Meitei and minority Kuki tribes. Stabbings, choppings, burnings, shootings and other attacks have killed more than 140 people. Mobs have destroyed more than 400 churches and shrines. Houses have been burnt, and more than 50,000 people have been displaced into temporary relief camps in miserable states. Gang rape, sexual assault, parading naked women and publicly abusing them sexually is occurring. The BJP government in power has done little to quell the violence. There is a near-blackout by the Indian media on this ongoing tragedy, and the international media has not covered the worsening humanitarian situation in detail. Paul D. Panakal

Henderson, Nev.: The recent congressional testimony on UAPs/UFOs is hardly convincing (“Gov’t knows they’re real,” July 27). How come not a single person who witnessed these objects firsthand testified? If a president of the United States and his staff can not keep Watergate secret, how on earth can thousands of people keep UFOs secret? David Tulanian

Bayside: What is wrong with this country? Congress launches an investigation of aliens? What a waste of time. The country is being invaded, inflation is out of control, mental illness is rampant, the majority of our elected leaders are apparently suffering from dementia (Mitch McConnell, President Biden, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, etc.) and the idiots in Congress believe in aliens. Vote these morons out. If aliens are here, they apparently have superior intelligence and they want no part of the idiots running this planet. Timothy Collins

Brooklyn: Hunter Biden was paid $83,000 a month to sit on the Burisma board of directors. How much was Devon Archer paid per month in the exact same role as Hunter? It had better be $83,000 a month as well, or the difference amounts to Hunter getting a monthly bribe from Burisma. Rick Hunter

Swarthmore, Pa.: On Wednesday, we witnessed in primetime what might come to be regarded as the final public platform appearance for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. He was about to speak on the one-year anniversary of the passage of President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act and he froze, unable to speak. Either the words were not forthcoming or he simply could not think what to say. It was a sad and disturbing spectacle. The octogenarian, a man of 81 years, was displaying evidence of his physical and perhaps mental decline. This may signal a rather sad end to a storied career in the Senate as both a majority and minority leader. Whether your political ideology is in sync with McConnell’s or not, you have to admire his adherence to the principles he holds dear and to his service to this country. Mr. Minority Leader, we wish you well. Ken Derow

Forest Hills: I just returned from Seneca Falls, N.Y., which was celebrating the 175-year anniversary of the Declaration of Sentiments, the 100-year anniversary of women finally gaining the right to vote and the drafting of the Equal Rights Amendment. Today, there’s still no equality. It’s time for the females related to the male senators and representatives of our patriarchal government/society to speak up, speak out and make their voices heard loud and clear: “Enough’s enough!” Pass the damn ERA and finally make the 175-year-old dream a reality! Melvin J. Moskowitz

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