May 24, 2024

Remnant 2 Dev Warns Against Respecing Trait Points Due to Orb Bug

Gunfire Games has put out an urgent message for the Remnant 2 player base, warning them away from using a specific item because it could have a catastrophic effect on their character. Furthermore, it could render all the hours they’ve spent playing irrelevant.

The Orb of Undoing has a nasty bug that’s permanently removing Trait Points when players use it if their Trait Points are negative at the time of use. While a specific use case, it’s common enough that many players will effectively need to start the game from scratch after a patch is released.

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Players That Use the Orb of Undoing With Negative Trait Points Will Lose Them Forever, Says Remnant 2 Developer

The Orb of Undoing is an item in Remnant 2 that allows players to completely respec their character’s Trait Points. It’s easy enough to use and provides a much-needed service for players who were used to being able to tinker with builds between runs in the first game. However, Gunfire Games has now posted a warning to the Remnant 2 Subreddit advising players not to use the Orb under specific circumstances.

This warning explains that if players use the Orb of Undoing while their character has negative Trait Points, those Trait Points will be lost. Even with the upcoming patch that fixes the issue, the developer has now stated that Trait Points can’t be recovered from this use case.

Unfortunately, some players have lost their Trait Points already, and are left with no way to claim them back. “I already DID USE THE ORB OF UNDOING but thanks for letting me know…” This user also offered a potential solution to the issue as a catch-all for players who might have used the Orb of Undoing, “solution: give 60 trait points to players with more than 30 hours into the game.”

Gunfire Games hasn’t responded to comments asking for a solution, having lost their Trait Points before this warning was published. However, some players have found a workaround for negative Trait Points, one that will get a character back into positive Trait Points. “If you are suffering from this bug you can restore your secondary archetype by getting 10 more traits. Went through some adventure mode and got mine back fairly quickly.”

Since the game’s launch, Trait Points have been a subject of much contention in Remnant 2. In the first game, there was no cap on these, and players could tweak character builds constantly, making for an infinitely replayable experience. While Remnant 2 is better in many ways, Trait Points are something that long-time fans can’t get on board with this time around due to a hard cap of 60 on a character.

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