May 24, 2024

Dead by Daylight Fans Love Nicholas Cage’s Broken & Ridiculous Perks

A few days after its release, the Dead by Daylight community is discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the perks the Nicholas Cage chapter added to the game. Unlike with previous Chapters, the most recently added perks have a heavy reliance on random chance and hilarious interactions.

While most players would usually complain about a collection of perks that don’t do much to overhaul the meta being added to the game, the community can’t help but love everything about the Nicholas Cage Chapter. Some players are even making him their main Survivor.

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Nicholas Cage’s Perks in Dead by Daylight Are Fairly Broken, But Players Love Them Anyway

A recent post on the Dead by Daylight Subreddit sparked a huge conversation about the three new Perks the Nicholas Cage Chapter added to the game. While there’s usually some level of negativity to these discussions, this one is almost completely positive because players adore Nicholas Cage and his quirky Perks.

The difference with Nicholas Cage’s Perks is their power to create silly situations or produce unique divergent events. Scene Partner, for example, causes Survivors to scream multiple times when they see the Killer, alerting the enemy to their presence while giving the Survivor a short look at the Killer’s Aura. Plot Twist puts Survivors into the dying state but allows them to recover to full health, and Dramaturgy has a chance to apply a negative state or grant Survivors a random item.

A comment from one user sums up the general attitude to the Perks nicely, “Absolutely hilarious, really enjoy using them and I honestly don’t care for people saying “it shouldn’t be in dbd” c’mon guys just have a little fun now and then! This game sometimes gets WAY too competitive and it’s nice to have some goofy stupid perks now and then.”

We believe the combination of Nicholas Cage’s appeal as a celebrity, thanks to his many movie roles, and the clever wackiness of these Perks that suits him down to the ground is why players love them so much. They do nothing to push the meta or give players a competitive edge. They make Dead by Daylight more enjoyable.

This game is unique in many ways, but it’s the builds players can craft across Survivors and Killers that keep it from getting boring. There’s always something new for players to try. However, the latest Chapter shows that throwing in a few fun Perks that don’t focus on giving one set of players a clear advantage is not just necessary sometimes, it’s essential.

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