February 29, 2024

Elden Ring Fans Discuss the Most Disappointing Boss Rewards in the Game


  • Elden Ring rewards players with runes and Remembrances after defeating bosses, allowing them to level up and obtain weapons or spells.
  • Some fans are disappointed with certain boss rewards, such as the Flying Dragon Greyll dropping runes and a Dragon Heart instead of a new spell.
  • Opinions on disappointing rewards vary among fans, with some mentioning regular enemies and mini-bosses, while others express disappointment with specific boss drops like Golems that shoot lasers.

Some Elden Ring fans have had a discussion on the most disappointing boss rewards in the game. Elden Ring features many challenging bosses, with even normal enemies being capable of defeating players.

Gamers get rewarded with a bunch of runes after beating a boss, with some bosses giving them enough currency to level up multiple times. Players get a Remembrance after beating some major enemies, which can then be exchanged for the boss’ weapon or spell. Some enemies also drop special items that can be used to better engage with Elden Ring’s gameplay features, such as Larval Tears that allow usage of the respec feature. However, not all rewards are that useful, as fans have a discussion on the most disappointing boss drops in Elden Ring.

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A user named Rex_Wr3cks has made a new post on Reddit asking other Elden Ring fans about the most disappointing rewards dropped by bosses in the game. The player believes it to be Flying Dragon Greyll, as they get a bunch of runes and a Dragon Heart instead of a new spell. In terms of bosses that drop Remembrances, Rex_Wr3cks thinks that the reward for beating Godfrey in Elden Ring was the most disappointing, as they don’t appear to be a fan of the axe players can obtain.

Opinions in the comments section are extremely varied, with gamers mentioning regular enemies and mini-bosses as well. One player thinks that it takes too much effort to kill Runebears in Elden Ring for the reward they get, with another user stating that they give as many runes as Vulgar Militiamen. A few users also claim to be disappointed by the rewards received after defeating specific Golems that can shoot lasers.

One gamer mentions that the Crucible Knight that can be fought at Stormhill Evergaol gives disappointing rewards upon defeat, with another user voting for Godfrey. A player claims that both rewards that can be obtained after defeating Astel in Elden Ring were useless to them, but a few fans don’t seem to share the same opinion. One gamer also mentions that the items obtained after beating the final boss of Elden Ring should have been unlocked earlier in the game.

It seems like many fans wanted to try out a move utilized by the enemy they just defeated, so they were ultimately disappointed by the reward. It also looks like certain reward drops in Elden Ring are only applicable to specific playstyles, making them pretty much useless for other fans.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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