May 27, 2024

The Battle For Gay Marriage Inspired The Renovation Of A Tuscan Villa

In the heart of the enchanting Chianti wine region in Tuscany, Italy, stands an exquisite 16th-century stone farmhouse called “Villa Ardore.” Transformed into a luxurious sanctuary for love and acceptance, this remarkable venue is a testament to the enduring power of passion and the triumph of progress over adversity.

Christian Scali and Stephen Lewis, both natives of the United States, embarked on an ambitious journey to breathe new life into the aged farmhouse and create a haven for celebrations of love amidst the serene Tuscan countryside. Villa Ardore now stands proudly as an emblem of love and liberation, a beacon of hope for an inclusive future, and a place where the timeless beauty of Tuscany merges seamlessly with contemporary luxury.

For Lewis, the story of Villa Ardore holds deep personal significance. As a vital legal advocate for the legalization of gay marriage in California in 2008, he had dreamt of a destination wedding that would honor his love and commitment to his partner. However, the unfavorable laws of the time made his dream seem out of reach. Therefore, the creation of Villa Ardore represents not just a beautiful retreat fashioned from an old farmhouse but also a stand against the constraints of the past, an embodiment of hope for a more inclusive world.

The transformation of the 16th-century farmhouse into the enchanting Villa Ardore was a labor of love that demanded dedication and significant financial investment. Christian Scali and Stephen Lewis devoted $2.7 million and a full year of “ardore” – passionate love – as it translates from Italian, to revitalize the structure while preserving its rustic charm and authenticity.

Guided by the expert hand of esteemed Florentine architect Massimo Pierattelli, Scali and Lewis embarked on a delicate balancing act of blending modern comforts with the historical fabric of the farmhouse all while focusing on celebrating love Every corner of the sprawling property showcases Scali and Lewis’s meticulous attention to detail. The converted barn houses a professional kitchen, while the saltwater infinity pool offers sweeping views of the lush Tuscan hills, providing the perfect backdrop for romantic celebrations.

However, Villa Ardore’s allure extends beyond being a mere venue for dreamy weddings. The retreat has opened its gates to vacationers through the exclusive “Summer of Ardore” package. Designed for those seeking a serene and intimate getaway with loved ones, the package offers guests unlimited access to the Roman spa, gastronomic delights prepared by a private chef, and a tasting of regional wines, among other luxurious amenities.

Adding to the allure of Villa Ardore is Francesco, a local experience curator and a close friend of Scali and Lewis. Francesco offers his expertise in crafting personalized itineraries for guests. From exciting adventures into the Tuscan countryside to immersive in-villa experiences like cooking classes and pizza-making sessions, Francesco will curate the perfect itinerary.

Ultimately Villa Ardore stands as a symbol of love, acceptance, and resilience in Tuscany. It represents the triumph of progress over adversity and the power of passion and dedication to create a haven where inclusivity and acceptance reign supreme.

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