May 19, 2024

Some Pokemon Content Creators’ Instagram Accounts Are Being Mysteriously Banned


  • Several popular Pokemon content creators, including PokiChloe and PokeDean, have been mysteriously banned from Instagram in recent weeks.
  • Nintendo franchises, including Pokemon, have faced controversy over the status of content on social media before, with YouTube videos and fan games being taken down.
  • Despite speculation, The Pokemon Company is not believed to be involved in the bans, and neither Instagram nor parent company Meta has commented on the situation.

Several popular Pokemon content creators have reported having their Instagram accounts mysteriously banned in recent weeks, including a popular YouTuber. The massive monster-catching franchise from Game Freak has inspired no shortage of loyal fans to take to social media to express their love for the iconic games. Creators like Duwiol and Leonhart have made careers through YouTube thanks to the series, with massively popular content creators like Logan Paul openly displaying their adoration for the franchise.

While the recent bans have been largely a surprise to many fans, Nintendo franchises have often seen controversy surrounding the status of content on social media. The developer has regularly been known to target creations based on their properties, taking down both YouTube videos and fan games. Pokemon similarly saw a controversy of its own following the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with several Twitch streamers receiving DMCA strikes for an Ed Sheeran song within the game. Now, multiple creators have reported being banned from Instagram for seemingly unknown reasons.

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Several Pokemon content creators, including PokiChloe and PokeDean, have apparently fallen victim to mysterious permanent bans from Instagram. Among the many channels affected by the wave of suspensions was popular Pokemon TCG YouTuber PokeRev, who would later make a video on the subject. Some users did confirm they were able to regain access to their accounts by logging in and verifying their information. However, reports claim that several others were met with permanent bans in their attempts to appeal.

While the Pokemon bans would arouse suspicion of The Pokemon Company taking action, the Pokemon publisher is not believed to be involved with the bans. Several of the affected content creators, including the previously mentioned PokeRev, have previously worked with The Pokemon Company in an official capacity. Many were even invited as guests to major Pokemon events like the Pokemon World Championships. Neither Instagram nor parent company Meta has commented on the unexpected wave of bans against the Pokemon content creators.

The mysterious bans come not long after The Pokemon Company revealed a major announcement about one particularly popular product. McDonald’s and The Pokemon Company revealed last week that Pokemon trading cards will be returning to Happy Meals once again in 2023. The set will include 15 different cards for fans to collect with their Happy Meals featuring several Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet, such as the three starters and Pawmi, among others. Affected Pokemon content creators on Instagram will hope for a quick response from Meta and the return of their accounts.

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