May 27, 2024

The Logic Behind Destiny 2’s Most Likely Reprised Raid Next Season

We have once again arrived at speculation time or uh, leaks time, if you want to go down that route, about which Destiny 2 raid is coming back next season. Bungie has already brought back Vault of Glass and King’s Fall from Destiny 1, so only two raids are left, Crota’s End and Wrath of the Machine.

However, Bungie also vaulted Leviathan, its two raid lairs, Crown of Sorrow and Scourge of the Past from Destiny 2 itself, so those seem like options to be “reprised” from the content vault. But what’s the right answer here? That is, without diving into leaks or datamines or anything, which I haven’t, I promise.

I think we can probably rule out Destiny 2 raids at this point. The already-displeased Destiny 2 community would be further displeased if they started bringing back raids from the game that probably never should have left in the first place before D1 raids were finished. Keep in mind that Destiny 2 has another entire “arc” planned (my prediction is at least another trilogy of expansions after Final Shape), and there will only be one more D1 raid left after this year. So those seem likely to be reprised later. Leviathan has a head start because huge chunks of it were already remade in the upgraded engine for Season of the Haunted.

Now if we’re talking Crota’s End versus Wrath of the Machine, I think logic leans toward Crota’s End, even if Bungie previously said they wanted to do the “big” ones, which is not Crota.

Why? It feels like Wrath of the Machine is a lot more work. It’s a larger raid, first of all. On top of that, you need to remake the entire SIVA-infused Fallen Splicer archetype that is not in the game at all, lest you just use boring regular Fallen. You would have to make an entirely new raid exotic given that Outbreak Perfected already exists in D2.

This is opposed to Crota’s End. It’s smaller, certainly, everyone knows that. Necrochasm has not appeared in Destiny 2, so you can still use that. And while the original raid was just very normal Hive, it’s easy to see how Bungie might choose to do some sort of “Lucent” variant here with Lucent Hive interjected into the raid (these raids really don’t have to stick with current story developments) a modified archetype that already exists, unlike Fallen Splicers (Mithrax doesn’t count). Hell, maybe even Crota gets some Lightbearer-type mechanics, as we know Bungie modifies most old raid encounters for the updates.

So yes, it’s shorter, but it’s still a D1 raid, and if it didn’t come back this year, it would almost certainly come back next year. And if it’s here this year, I think everyone can rest assured Wrath would be here in 2024. Then maybe we start clawing back the nuked D2 raids.

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