June 17, 2024

Switzerland v New Zealand: Women’s World Cup 2023 – live | Women’s World Cup 2023

Key events

90+1 mins: New Zealand break now with Rennie, who plays it back to Riley. Her cross into the middle but it’s dealt with by the Swiss defence. Excitement as the clock ticks down!

90 mins: Here we go then. Eight minutes of added time to be played! There is still time for a late twist in this tale.

89 mins: Lehmann does well on the right hand side before the ball finds its way to Sow. There’s a shooting chance, but she rather scoops the ball goalwards. Easy for Esson.

88 mins: The World Cup hosts have never exited the tournament at the group stage before. New Zealand need to find something special, and soon, if they are not to become the first.

87 mins: The Swiss are sitting back now, allowing New Zealand to enter their half. Jale combines well with Hand, twice, before Hand lets fly. Straight at Thalmann again though and time is running out for a late Football Ferns winner.

86 mins: Bott tries her luck from distance, but it’s not her best effort and Thalmann is comfortable in claiming.

84 mins: Two more Swiss changes now – Bachmann and Piubel off, Calligaris and Mauron on. Looks like Switzerland are battening down the hatches.

83 mins: It’s getting a bit frantic as we enter squeaky bum time. One New Zealand goal would still change everything. But it’s Switzerland who are on the front foot.

82 mins: Another New Zealand change now – Wilkinson off, Rennie on for New Zealand.

82 mins: Back down to the other end, and it’s Switzerland’s turn to win a corner. Bachmann takes it… cleared away this time.

81 mins: Bunge stoops to get her head to the corner… it’s on target, but lacks the power to test Thalmann in Switzerland’s goal.

80 mins: Maritz concedes a corner and the home crowd goes wild. They sense something is going to happen….

Lia Walti eyes the ball next to Malia Steinmetz
Something has to happen for New Zealand or the hosts are out. Photograph: Sanka Vidanagama/AFP/Getty Images

79 mins: The Mexican wave heads around the stadium again as Waelti re-enters the fray after having briefly gone off with a knock.

77 mins: Ooh, that was a close shave for New Zealand as Piubel breaks free and spots Lehmann in acres of space in the middle! She tries to stab a ball across, but it hits a New Zealand leg and pings away to safety.

76 mins: “Hello Mike.” Hello Kári Tulinius. “I think it’s to New Zealand’s credit that as the match has gone on, they’ve started taking more risks, but so far it’s just led to quick turnovers and dangerous situations at the back. The Swiss defence has had no major problems to deal with. The Football Ferns need inspiration from somewhere.” At the moment, with just 15 minutes remaining, I’m not entirely sure where that’s going to come from.

75 mins: Bowen, with an outswinger, finds Steinmetz, but her shot, while well-hit, is straight at Thalmann.

74 mins: Great challenge by Riesen to stop Wilkinson in her tracks! But it’ll be a New Zealand corner. What can they do here?

73 mins: The free-kick is delivered into the Swiss box… the defence take their time before clearing.

72 mins: Free-kick to New Zealand as Lehmann runs onto the pitch. But not before the Ferns make another change – Grace Jale on for Percival.

71 mins: Here’s a second Swiss change. On comes Alisha Lehmann to replace Reuteler.

68 mins: Any hopes of the Philippines staging a miraculous comeback have been hit by a red card. Join Sarah for more on that:

68 mins: A reminder: as things stand, Switzerland and Norway are going through. A New Zealand goal, however, would send the hosts through, along with Norway, and the Swiss would be sent packing. Fine margins.

67 mins: A real chance here for Piubel, who races clear but slices a left-footed shot wide of the mark! The flag goes up though, and it wouldn’t have counted anyway.

65 mins: In stark contrast to the first half, New Zealand can’t seem to get it together in the attacking third. Wilkinson has been pretty anonymous – she’s barely touched the ball.

Hannah Wilkinson
Hannah Wilkinson has been very quiet for the Football Ferns this evening. Photograph: Sanka Vidanagama/AFP/Getty Images

63 mins: Barrister Mitch has emailed. “We might end up seeing both host nations eliminated at the group stage. Nobody could have thought about that before the opening ceremony. #SadPossibility.” It’s a possibility for sure, and not a nice one. The tournament has been hugely successful so far, and you wonder what will happen if NZ and Australia bow out.

62 mins: Here come some changes for New Zealand – Betsy Hassett comes on for Stott, and Claudia Bunge replaces Longo.

60 mins: Both teams use the break in play to grab a drink. The Ferns huddle and get some words of wisdom from coach Jitka Klimková.

59 mins: Esson looks cooked here! Play is stopped as the keeper hits the deck and calls for attention. It appears she may have overstretched something when clearing the ball just then.

58 mins: A moment of panic comes ion the New Zealand back line as Esson botches a clearance after she races off her line. NZ clear their lines eventually.

57 mins: Switzerland are a great deal more comfortable since the break and are enjoying both more possession and better territorial advantage (not scientific fact, just a vibe at this point).

56 mins: Esson is big and she claims the corner without too much fuss, to the crowd’s delight. They must be on edge of their seats, with this game on a knife-edge.

55 mins: An error from Steinmetz sees Bachmann break free… and she wins a corner off CJ Bott.

54 mins: It’s gone a bit flat for New Zealand… and here goes Piuban. She jinks this way and that, but can’t find her balance to get a decent shot off on goal. Bowen mops up.

51 mins: Norway have scored again – a fifth. It’s an absolute rout in Auckland. What a time to find form.

50 mins: The Swiss have started brightly this half. Crnogorcevic looks dangerous for a moment, but it passes. Nevertheless, worrying for New Zealand, who haven’t quite captured their tempo of the first half.

Ana Maria Crnogorcevic steals the ball away from Betsy Hassett
Ana Maria Crnogorcevic steals the ball away from Betsy Hassett as the second begins in much the same fashion as the first. Photograph: Alessandra Tarantino/AP

49 mins: It’s effectively all over in Auckland – a fourth goal for Norway.

48 mins: Bachmann! A chance here! But she dithers slightly, and can’t get a shot off.

47 mins: No, I was mistaken. One change to tell you about – India Paige Riley has come on for the Football Ferns, in place of Olivia Chance.

Second half under way

46 mins: Here we go then, after a bout of Unity Beat. New Zealand have 45 minutes to find the goal that will send them into the knockout phase. No changes to tell you about at the break.

Let’s have some quick first-half stats before the second starts. They paint a picture.

  • Passes completed: Switzerland 198-209 New Zealand

  • Crosses: Switzerland 5-8 New Zealand

  • Aerial duels won: Switzerland 8-7 New Zealand

  • Ground duels won: Switzerland 25-39 New Zealand

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Half-time: Switzerland 0-0 New Zealand

45+5 mins: And that will be that. The whistle toots and the players head into the dressing rooms for a cup of tea and a slice of orange. New Zealand can be pleased with the way they have played so far, and consider themselves unfortunate not to be ahead after Hand’s effort struck a post, but as things stand, given the score in the other game in Auckland, the co-hosts are heading out, with Switzerland and Norway going through.

45+4 mins: One last attack for New Zealand doesn’t materialise as the ball is far too long for Wilkinson.

45+2 mins: Peter Oh has emailed in. “If the Switzerland attack does come to life and yield a dangerous defence-splitting pass, will you be tempted to describe it as a hot Swiss Army knife through creamy New Zealand butter?” Are you looking for a job, Peter?

45 mins: There’ll be five minutes of added time to be played at the end of the first half. Crnogorcevic is unhappy with a challenge from Wilkinson here.

44 mins: Bachmann makes things happen on the Swiss left… Piubel ultimately lets fly, it take a slight deflection off Stott, but it’s comfortable for Esson.

43 mins: It looked like Hand’s race might have been run, but the Fern is back on, albeit with a heavily strapped ankle.

41 mins: Piubel breaks now for Switzerland… danger here. But that’s a great recovering tackle from Bott to snuff out the attack.

39 mins: There’s a brief break in play now as Hand receives some medical attention. Meanwhile, a Mexican wave goes round the stadium. That is a decent effort from the New Zealand fans. I was at the Sydney Football Stadium for England v Denmark the other night and despite the best efforts of a handful of fans, the wave never really got going.

The crowd perform a Mexican wave
Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the Mexican wave. Photograph: Harriet Lander/FIFA/Getty Images

37 mins: I’m telling you, the roof will lift of this stadium if New Zealand score. The crowd has been excellent so far.

35 mins: Here come Switzerland with Aigbogun getting forward down the right hand side. She centres for Sow, who is in a dangerous position, but there’s nothing doing this time. Better from the Swiss though, who have thus far largely struggled to create anything up front.

34 mins: So, Norway look a decent bet for victory already, three goals to the good now.

32 mins: More developments in Auckland…

31 mins: When the Swiss do venture forward, they’re met with a Kiwi wall, this time in the shape of Katie Bowen, whose challenge on Sow is hard but fair.

29 mins: As far as tactical timeouts go, that was a good one from Switzerland. Or at least a well-timed injury. Play is back up and running but the Ferns are no longer camped in the Swiss half.

Lia Waelti
Lia Waelti is presumably urging her teammates to hold a higher line. Photograph: Harriet Lander/FIFA/Getty Images

27 mins: The ball goes out of play and Thalmann goes down. I’m not suggesting for a moment that she doesn’t require treatment, but it’s a good chance for her and her Swiss teammates to take a breather. And possibly to calm the wind that is currently blowing in New Zealand sails.

Gaelle Thalmann receives treatment for a knock
Gaelle Thalmann receives treatment for a knock. Time for the Swiss to reset. Photograph: Molly Darlington/Reuters

26 mins: Percival, perhaps sensing Thalmann’s uncertainty, delivers right into the mixer. Her attempted punch clear is, again, unconvincing as she goes for the same ball with a teammate… the ball falls to Bowen but her shot is blocked!

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