June 15, 2024

Xbox Fan Shows Off Impressive Hand-Painted Series X Controller


  • Gamers are always personalizing their gaming accessories to reflect their preferences and individuality, with custom-painted Xbox controllers being just one route fans take.
  • A Reddit user recently showcased their hand-painted Xbox Series X controller, depicting a peaceful mountain forest scene reminiscent of survival games Sons of the Forest.
  • The custom design received praise from the Reddit community, with some comparing it to Bob Ross-style paintings.

A creative gamer has managed to paint a unique and artistic design on an ordinary white Xbox Series X controller. While the custom-painted Xbox controller was apparently not inspired by any specific video game, it can undoubtedly evoke memories of many particular titles.

There are a great deal of gamers who may want to embody a sense of pride and ownership in their equipment by personalizing their gaming accessories in a way that faithfully represents their gaming spirit, while also offering a touch of individuality. By creating customs, they may proudly show off their favorite gaming characters, logos, or perhaps their very own online aliases on a unique gaming headset, keyboard, or even a controller. While Xbox itself releases official limited edition controllers from time to time, a few gamers prefer to take matters into their own hands and express their own creativity.

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Reddit user thelegendofk proudly displayed their distinctive hand-painted Xbox Series X controller online, much to the delight of the internet community. The custom design seems to depict a peaceful mountain forest scene that makes one think of the Skyrim-style evergreen trees that tower over the misty landscape. That being said, the uploader mentioned the fact that they were inspired by their love for survival games, perhaps taking inspiration from titles like The Forest, or Sons of the Forest.

The Reddit community was quick to praise the simple, yet very peaceful-looking design of the Xbox controller. While many were calling it a piece of art that makes them think of Bob Ross style paintings, numerous other users eagerly asked the creator if they were willing to sell the hand painted controller. Additionally, thelegendofk has revealed that before applying the paint onto the controller, they sanded the controller’s shell and also applied two layers of acrylic sealer in order to give it a slightly improved grip.

Of course, thelegendofk is not the only talented individual who has given a makeover to their gaming accessories. Recently, another redditor going by the name of wolfykurt posted their completely customized Xbox series X kit. The kit was created to resemble imagery reminiscent of Starfield, the upcoming action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. Posts like these highlight the impressive level of dedication and creativity that goes into creating custom gaming accessories. Besides being fun to look at, custom sets like this Xbox creation allow gamers to express their individuality and passion for their favorite games and act as an outlet for gamers to share their artistic abilities with their peers.

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