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How to Solve All 9 Puzzle Types

Ask anyone, they don’t enjoy running out of space for all the magical gear they’ve picked up in Hogwarts Legacy. If you want to increase the amount of stuff you can hold, and have fun solving puzzles at the same time, then pay close attention.

By solving Merlin Trials, you can show off your intellect (even if you’re not in Ravenclaw) and expand the amount of gear you can hold all at the same time. One of the most iconic wizards of all time is the legendary Merlin, and in the Wizarding World, Merlin was real. As a member of Slytherin house, Merlin was extremely fond of puzzles and so he found time to scatter dozens of mysteries of his own invention all over the grounds just outside of Hogwarts and in the surrounding hamlets, even up into the Forbidden Forest.

When you first see the Merlin Trials, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed. That’s where this guide comes in. Here’s what you need to know in order to solve every one of the Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy.

What are Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy?

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There are a few different kinds of Merlin Trials, but they all take a very similar form. They are identified by a leaf symbol on your map and minimap, while every trial is marked with the same circular symbol made of stones. Every trial requires Mallowsweet leaves in order to be activated. You can grow Mallowsweet in the Room of Requirement, but it can also be bought at shops in Hogsmeade.

You’ll first have to solve one of the Merlin Trials as part of the main story, but after that you’re left to your own devices and are free to solve or ignore as many of these puzzles as you want. I’d recommend going for them, as solving more of these trials means expanding your gear slots. That means you’ll have more room for various items of clothing you find before you’re unable to pick anything up, which in turn means less frequent trips to Hogsmeade.

Do note that you won’t automatically get expanded gear slots just from simply solving the trials. After meeting the next prerequisite, you need to open the menu and select Challenges. From there, select Exploration, then select the Merlin Trials row and grab your rewards. Each reward expands your inventory by four gear slots, though the number of trials you have to solve for the next tier goes up each time.

Every Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy

There are dozens upon dozens of different Merlin Trials scattered across the world of Hogwarts Legacy. Fortunately, many of them are quite similar, and they all fall into a few basic patterns. There will be some differences but recognizing the pattern of the trial you’re attempting to solve will make things far easier.

It’s important to also remember that you’ll need a fairly large range of spells to solve these puzzles. It’s probably best to get at least a decent ways into the main story and have most of the spells unlocked before you attempt to try and take on every single Merlin Trial. Again, there’s a lot of them.

Destroy Stones

When a trial has a few large stones that appear to have glowing green energy in their cracks, just obliterate them all with Confringo in order to complete the trial.

Flipping Stones With Symbols

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You’ll sometimes find stone cubes resting on pillars, with the stones being covered in markings. You need to use Flipendo to flip them until each stone cube is properly lined up with the pillar on which it is resting.

Gathering Swarms of Moths

If a trial has stone blocks that have been hollowed out with a crystal placed inside, you need to gather nearby moths. Just look for glowing swarms of moths, then bring them to the crystals using Lumos.

Giant Stone Orb

Occasionally you’ll see a solitary large stone orb that needs to be moved into a recess in the ground. Various movement spells can be applied here but the most straightforward method is simply using Wingardium Leviosa.

Lighting Torches

Another simple trial, you need to locate the torches in the area and light them. Once you light a torch, it’ll begin descending into the ground, so you have to light all the torches before one of them enters the ground. Depending on the trial, you can sometimes use Incendio but may need to use Confringo if you can’t get up close to a particular torch.

Repairing Stone Statues

When you activate this trial, a few statues close by will crumble apart. Simply fix them all up with Repairo. If you have difficulties locating one of them, you can use Revelio to find any you’re missing.

Rolling Stone Orbs

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This is by far one of the easiest of the Merlin Trials to accomplish. You’ll find stone discs in the ground, with indents for stone balls to fit neatly in. Looking around, you can find these piles of stones and use Accio to bring them to the discs in the ground. Do this for each disc and the trial will be finished. If you’re having trouble finding the different stone orbs, you can use Revelio to look around, and you may need to use Incendio to clear away brambles and leaves.

Smashing Orbs

In this trial, you’ll notice several fragile stone orbs scattered around the area. Simply pull them all apart with Accio and you’ll solve the trial.

Stone Obstacles

One of the more finicky trials, you need to climb up onto these stones and then run or jump across each of them without falling to the ground. It’s straightforward, but can be a bit tricky depending on your control setup, so it may take a couple of tries to get it exactly right.

Hogwarts Legacy is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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