May 21, 2024

IShowSpeed Has Been Hospitalized


  • Popular YouTuber IShowSpeed was hospitalized during his Tokyo tour, experiencing intense headaches and face numbness.
  • His health issues followed Dream’s tweet about a major surgery, making him another content creator facing health problems.
  • IShowSpeed’s fans showed support as he awaited a diagnosis, and he plans to stay put for the foreseeable future after his Tokyo tour ended unpleasantly.

Popular YouTuber Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins Jr. was hospitalized with a variety of alarming symptoms during his recent Tokyo tour. Watkins Jr. is the second high-profile content creator who suffered health issues in late July, with his hospitalization arriving mere days after Dream worried his fans with a tweet about a major surgery.

IShowSpeed is one of the most popular gaming YouTubers on the planet, having amassed over 18.8 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views since starting his channel in 2016. His viral broadcasts propelled him to stardom in 2021, with the 18-year-old maintaining that momentum during the following year when he became the most-watched streamer on YouTube.

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During his recent visit to Japan, IShowSpeed started suffering from intense headaches and face numbness which became so severe that he ended up being hospitalized in Tokyo. In a July 30 vlog recorded from the back of an ambulance, the streamer said that he doesn’t know what’s ailing him but that his swollen right eye feels like someone is repeatedly sticking it with a knife. He also complained about pain along his right brain hemisphere, adding that he wanted to notify his fans about this unpleasant development so that they’re not wondering why he stopped posting travel updates. “I want you boys to always be right there with me until I die,” the YouTube content creator said.

A day later, IShowSpeed recorded another update from a Tokyo hospital bed, stating that he had an MRI but was still waiting for a diagnosis. Not only was his right eye still swollen, but his left one was almost completely shut in the July 31 video. The content creator said he never experienced anything of the sort, bemoaning the fact that he can’t go home and “just stream Fortnite and FIFA.” Many of his fans took to social media to wish him a speedy recovery throughout this episode.

During his latest video, IShowSpeed also revealed that his parents were flying over from Cincinnati, Ohio, to visit him in hospital. Whether they actually got to do so is unclear, as Watkins Jr. was reportedly discharged within hours of that update. The famous entertainer went through some turbulent times over the last 12-month period, which started when IShowSpeed was handcuffed during a YouTube livestream almost a year ago to date. Time will tell what’s next for the popular streamer, although traveling the world probably won’t be on his agenda for a while yet, with IShowSpeed stating he’s planning to stay put for the foreseeable future following the unpleasant end to his Tokyo tour.

IShowSpeed and Dream aren’t the only well-known content creators that have struggled with health issues in recent times; Valorant streamer Kyedae opened up on her cancer diagnosis back in March, whereas YouTuber Annabelle Ham died at 22 in mid-July.

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