February 22, 2024

Creative Minecraft Player Builds Course to Host Hilarious Sheep Races


  • A Minecraft player created a unique and hilarious sheep racing course that combines multiple game systems.
  • The course features baby zombies riding color-coordinated sheep, chasing a villager on a track above them.
  • The racecourse showcases the unexpected and creative ways in which different Minecraft systems can interact, delighting fans.

Looking to liven up their in-game entertainment options, one creative Minecraft player devised an ingenious course for sheep races that ties together multiple game systems to horrifying and hilarious effect. Although players of Mojang’s hit sandbox game have created some undeniably impressive Minecraft race tracks over the years, the combination of zombies and livestock in this particular creation makes it something truly unique.

While it’s typically massive construction projects that get the most attention when it comes to fan-made Minecraft creations, players have also come up with some other wildly creative ways to amuse themselves over the years. One popular source of entertainment for enterprising players has been to come up with games that make use of Minecraft’s ubiquitous sheep. By using special blocks to control their behavior and movement players have come up with all sorts of bizarre uses for the fluffy NPCs, including one gamer who re-made the VR game Beat Saber in Minecraft using sheep.

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Rather than trying to emulate an existing game using Minecraft’s ever-present sheep, though, Redditor Fonty_Gamer decided to do something arguably more creative. In a new post on r/Minecraft, they showed off a video of their hilarious and slightly horrifying racetrack where Minecraft’s baby zombies zoom around the course on color-coordinated sheep mounts. Driven by their insatiable hunger, the tiny undead jockeys zoom around the obstacle-filled course in pursuit of a hapless villager moving on a track above them. While slightly macabre, this hilarious racetrack takes advantage of several different game systems to produce something that’s undeniably impressive.

The Minecraft fans on Reddit loved the hilariously unorthodox racetrack, with one response calling it the most creative use of Minecraft they’d seen in a while. Some Redditors seemed particularly impressed with how Fonty_Gamer had gotten the baby zombies to ride the sheep. Detailing the process behind the unusual pairing, Fonty_Gamer explained that once they “removed” the adult zombies they were riding on the baby zombies automatically sought out a new mount. Offering up an idea for more effectively determining the winner of each race, one Redditor suggested adding a command block to determine which sheep was the victor.

This ingenious Minecraft race course is not only hilarious, but also a great example of how the game’s various systems can sometimes work together in wholly unexpected ways. And while this race is probably far from entertaining for the poor villager in the cart, for everyone else it’s likely to bring a smile. Now that they’ve mastered the art of sheep racing, maybe Fonty_Gamer can put together a track for pitting Minecraft’s pandas against each other in a test of speed.

Minecraft is available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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