May 24, 2024

Minecraft Player Builds Incredibly Long Highway in the Game


  • Minecraft players have creative freedom to explore, build bases, farm resources, and create impressive builds or mods.
  • User Naofumi is building an incredibly long highway in their Minecraft server, seeking suggestions from the community on what to add next.
  • Fellow players recommended wheat or corn fields, gas stations, telephone poles, billboards, and expanding the highway with more lanes. The community is enthusiastic about Naofumi’s project.

One Minecraft player has recently shared the progress they have made in the incredibly long highway they have been building in their playthrough. Just one of the many great ideas that Minecraft players have, fellow fans will likely appreciate the hard work of this particular creator, perhaps inspiring some to do the same in their own maps or servers.

With the many sandbox features Minecraft has, the player base has a lot of creative freedom on how they play through the video game. Some love to explore the vast and random maps, discovering the best places to build their Minecraft bases, while some focus on farming rare and valuable resources. Others like to impress the community by creating amazing builds that take hours to put together, or even program mods that can improve gameplay or visual experiences. Overall, it seems there are no bounds to what the players can come up with in their own playthroughs.

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On Reddit, user Naofumi shared that they have been working on an incredibly long highway in their Minecraft server. According to the builder, they have used up to 400 blocks already, and were asking their fellow players what they should put next to the long stretch of road. The photo posted included an aerial view of the highway, showing off how it moves along scenic spots like forests and bodies of water. Naofumi even built bridges to move the highway above water. A map overview and build development of the highway were also included in the shared image, indicating how far the Redditor has already progressed in their project.

Fellow Minecraft players seemed to be very invested in Naofumi’s highway build, especially since they were taking suggestions on what to put next to the road. Many recommended they build fields filled with wheat or corn, even though corn is not an available crop in Minecraft. Others wanted to see gas stations, telephone poles, billboards usually found along highways, and one even pointed out that more lanes should be added to Naofumi’s highway. No matter what, the Redditor will probably have a lot of ideas to work with, given how enthusiastic the community has responded to their post.

Though many Minecraft player builds or map designs serve more of an aesthetic function in their games, there are some who prefer to make functional projects like Naofumi’s highway. Hopefully they post more of their road’s progress, and eventually share what the completed highway looks like when they finish it in the future.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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