March 5, 2024

Skyrim Player Spots Thalmor in Rare Position After Playing For 12 Years


  • A rare encounter in Skyrim shows a Thalmor kneeling next to the body of a Skeever, which suggests an interesting dynamic.
  • While Thalmor and Skeevers may not have a canonical connection, this encounter hints at a potential relationship between the two species.
  • The positioning of the Thalmor and Skeever may be a coincidence, a bug, or the result of specific NPC programming, but it leads to a memorable seen no matter what.

A Skyrim player has shared a rare moment in which a Thalmor kneels next to the body of a Skeever. The Thalmor of Skyrim can wield powerful weapons and carry enchanted gear which they use to hunt Talos, but this encounter with a Justiciar makes them even more interesting.

The Skyrim open world and its dungeons have countless Skeevers littered throughout, and the species may have a connection to the Thalmor. While the Skeever is a common enemy, Thalmor appear more sporadically around the open world in addition to Skyrim quests focusing on the group like “Diplomatic Immunity.” Diplomatic Immunity tasks players with infiltrating the Thalmor Embassy, a quest that gives some insight into the Skyrim governing body, but this encounter may provide more insight into the Thalmor.

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Reddit user TesseractToo recently shared a screenshot from Skyrim focusing on a kneeling Thalmor at the feet of a dead Skeever. The Skyrim Thalmor appears to honor the Skeever, which had been defeated in action prior to the NPC getting to it. According to TesseractToo, this Thalmor interaction had never happened in their experience with Skyrim across nearly 12 years. Thalmor patrols will often engage in combat with nearby enemies, but the NPC in TesseractToo’s image seems to acknowledge the body as something else. The Skyrim player suggests that Thalmor and Skeever are related, but there’s no canonical connection between the species, which adds to the peculiarity of the moment.

Skeevers are among the first enemies that Skyrim players will encounter, but it isn’t until after the tutorial of Helgen that they may find Thalmor. As Thalmor are clad in Elven armor, and they wield steel weapons at early levels and get glass equipment at later levels, the loot that they drop can be helpful. Because players can recruit the Skyrim companion Skritch, the fallen creature in TesseractToo’s image may not be an enemy and could have programming that makes moments like this one possible. Given that Thalmor Justiciars don’t usually roam the Skyrim map alone, it’s possible that the one in TesseractToo’s screenshot lost the group it was with.

Because Skyrim NPCs are programmed to interact with each other and the world around them, the Thalmor may have been programmed to kneel in this specific part of the map regardless of the Skeever. Although the Skeever being next to the kneeling Thalmor may add a comedic effect, it could simply be a coincidence. There are many Skyrim glitches, with some impacting NPCs, and they could also be the culprit of this Thalmor positioning themselves in such a way.

Skyrim is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, and some legacy consoles.

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