May 27, 2024

Star Wars Databank Reveals Info On Mysterious New Inquisitor


  • Rosario Dawson leads a talented cast in the upcoming Star Wars series, Ahsoka, which also features the enigmatic Inquisitor Marrok, played by Paul Darnell.
  • Marrok, once an Inquisitor hunting Jedi for the Empire, now works as a mercenary for Morgan Elsbeth, carrying out dark deeds with his double-bladed red lightsaber.
  • The appearance of an Inquisitor after the fall of the Galactic Empire in Ahsoka opens up new possibilities and potential character development for these previously unshakable villains.

Rosario Dawson may be front and center as the title character in the upcoming Star Wars series Ahsoka on Disney Plus, but the show’s cast is positively stacked with equally impressive talent. This includes an enigmatic Inquisitor only occasionally glimpsed so far in the lead-up to the series premiere.

This Inquisitor was originally revealed for Ahsoka in June, though his name was unknown then. Since then, it’s been revealed that the sinister warrior in black goes by the name Marrok and he’s played by stunt performer and actor Paul Darnell. That could indicate that this particular Star Wars villain will partake in satisfyingly high-octane fight scenes. (It may also be worth noting that Marrok was also the name of an Arthurian knight who was a good man cursed to become a werewolf.) Of course, knowing a character’s name and actor is one thing. It’s another entirely to know what their deal is, and that’s where Marrok goes from interesting to fascinating.

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While Marrok’s name was revealed by Lucasfilm earlier in July (via Bounding Into Comics), a new entry in the Star Wars Databank now further elaborates on the character. According to the official entry, he’s now entered a profession perfect for one with his deadly skills. “Once an Inquisitor hunting Jedi for the Empire, the mysterious Marrok now works as a mercenary hired by Morgan Elsbeth to carry out dark deeds,” his description reads. “Fully encased in battered battle armor, the warrior still carries a red double-bladed saber with a circular hilt.”

Marrok’s choice of profession will seemingly be similar to that of the late Ray Stevenson’s new character Baylan Skoll, who is reportedly a former Jedi now working as a mercenary. Much like Marrok, whose employer Morgan Elsbeth is working to find Grand Admiral Thrawn after his disappearance at the end of Star Wars Rebels, Baylan is also working with Thrawn in some capacity. Not bad for an actor many forgot had already been in Star Wars.

The Inquisitors are a terrifying order of Force users selected and trained by Emperor Palpatine to hunt down the Jedi who survived the Order 66 purge. Some were recruited directly from the Jedi Order due to grievances they held towards the organization, while others were trained from birth once their inherent affinity was discovered. This has led some to hope for The Force Unleashed main character Starkiller to show up as an Inquisitor in the new canon, as his backstory in the now non-canon games was remarkably similar to that of the Inquisitors.

Now that audiences will get to see an Inquisitor after the fall of the Galactic Empire, it could open up some new possibilities for these characters who were previously only seen as unshakable villains. Sure, Marrok still appears to be a villain. But a lot can change in only 8 episodes. After all, his name’s Arthurian influence could be a pretty big clue.

Ahsoka will premiere its first 2 episodes on August 23rd on Disney Plus.

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Source: Bounding Into Comics, Star Wars Databank

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