February 22, 2024

iPhone 15 Details Leak Online


  • The upcoming iPhone 15 lineup is expected to have significant updates, including a larger screen with thinner bezels and a reduced notch size, thanks to the Dynamic Island feature.
  • The new iPhones will feature a lighter and more durable titanium frame instead of stainless steel, as well as touch-sensitive buttons with haptic feedback for volume, mute/ring, and power functions.
  • Apple is replacing the Lightning charging port with USB-C to comply with a new European Union law, but this change has caused some controversy among longtime Apple users. However, overall, the new upgrades are likely to excite Apple fans.

Recent leaks and reports have detailed some of the new features that Apple fans can expect from the upcoming iPhone lineup. Apple users have a slew of new features to look forward to, as this will likely be the biggest update to the iPhone since 2020.

Apple’s designers have been taking steps toward designing their “dream” iPhone—a smartphone that is all screen, with minimal display borders or cutouts. Since 2017’s X model, iPhones have featured increasingly thinner bezels and reductions in the size of the notch cutout that houses the camera, speaker, Face ID, and other sensors. Last year’s iPhone 14 Pro model did away with the notch and replaced it with the Dynamic Island, a feature that not only houses the camera and other hardware but can also display alerts and notifications.

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With this year’s reported changes, the tech giant seems to be working ever closer toward that ideal iPhone design. Previously only available on Pro models, Dynamic Island will reportedly be a feature of all four upcoming iPhone 15 models, reducing the size of the notch area and making the screen appear larger. The iPhone 15 models will also feature thinner bezels, owing to new screen technology first debuted on the Apple Watch Series 7 in 2021. Leaked videos reported by MacRumors back in March that appeared to display the front glass panels of the iPhone 15 previously hinted at these changes, and a recent report from Bloomberg confirms them.

The new devices will reportedly also feature a titanium frame instead of a stainless steel one, making these iPhones lighter and more durable. Another planned feature is the use of touch-sensitive buttons with haptic feedback for the volume, mute/ring, and power buttons, rather than buttons that physically press. The iPhone 15 will also be the first iPhone lineup to ditch the Lightning charging port for USB-C; Apple’s senior director of worldwide marketing, Greg Joswiakt, confirmed rumors on the subject last October. This is in response to new European Union law mandating that all devices with a physical charger make the switch by 2024. iPhone users will also enjoy a faster processor, with the regular 15 models coming equipped with the A16 processor and the 15 Pro upgrading to a speedy 3-nanometer chip.

Naturally, some of these changes could prove divisive. For example, there has been some dissent around the switch from Lightning to USB-C charging ports. Lightning has been a staple on iPhones for over a decade, and some long-time Apple users are not pleased that their previous chargers are becoming obsolete. Still, having a universal charger for nearly all devices might be a welcome change. Last year’s introduction of Dynamic Island has opened up some debate as well; while it’s more interactive and functional than the previous notch design, some find that it takes up slightly more space on the screen and can be a distracting feature. Apple users can also expect these shiny new features to come with a price hike, as estimated by Mike Gurman in his Bloomberg report. Still, given that the past couple generations of the iPhone featured more modest changes, this year’s new upgrades are sure to excite Apple users.


Source: Bloomberg, MacRumors

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