March 3, 2024

Remnant 2 Fans Wish for Melee, Summon, & Close Range Build Viability

Remnant 2 allows players to craft whatever type of build they can imagine. Trait Points can be assigned all over the place to help boost certain aspects of a character, but that doesn’t mean they’re all viable against bosses. Now though, players have started to complain about this design choice because they feel it hinders them.

Trait Points have been an issue in Remnant 2 since it was released, and now fans have discovered another bugbear. It’s almost impossible to damage certain bosses with specific builds due to the attack patterns of those bosses and their inaccessibility for anything apart from a ranged build.

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Remnant 2 Fans Are Annoyed They Can Craft Useless Builds & Waste Their Time

Some Remnant 2 players have been complaining about the game’s Trait Points system, which is capped at 60, because it doesn’t allow them to experiment and upgrade builds as much as the first game did. Now, fans are also taking issue with Remnant 2’s boss designs because they’re mostly catered to ranged builds, making many other builds, such as melee, close range, and summons, unviable.

In a recent post on the Remnant 2 Subreddit, players have been sharing their frustrations. “I love that Reaver has a ranged attack, yet won’t do it against flying bosses and instead just stands there the whole time.” They all follow a similar thread: the builds or classes mentioned have little to no impact on certain bosses, particularly flying ones.

More players have commented on one of the most appealing aspects of the game, the dog. “Yeah, the dog is useless against 90%of the enemies.” This comment talks about playing Remnant 2 on higher difficulties, but it’s still an issue if players have focused on a build long enough to reset the world and then become stuck because of their choice.

The original post speaks for the entire community when it says, “Yeh, I get it, ranged is better, but if you make numerous items, classes, ways to focus into a melee build, you should design every boss so that even if it’s way harder, they can be damaged by melee weapons.”

It’s a valid point that if an effort has been made to open the possibility of making certain builds with traits, items, and more, then they should be viable at every point in the game. Developer Gunfire Games has been vocal about updates for Remnant 2 since it was released, so if any major changes to this situation are coming, they’ll almost certainly be announced ahead of time.

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