May 24, 2024

Rudy Giuliani’s Consultancy Racks up $57,000 in Phone Bill Debts

  • Rudy Giuliani’s consultancy owes nearly $60,000 over unpaid phone bills from 2020.
  • The firm failed to pay monthly bills of $1,500 for nine months that year, per court filings.
  • It owes a further $30,963 from an early termination fee, and another $12,831 in interest.

A consulting firm started by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani owes more than $57,000 to a Georgia-based telco after failing to pay phone bills for around nine months.

A new judgment detailing the full cost — $57,655 — was filed against Giuliani Partners LLC on Sunday in the New York State Supreme Court, per records seen by Insider.

The cost includes nine unpaid monthly bills from 2020 that Momentum Telecom said the law firm “failed and refused to pay,” totaling $13,545. Giuliani Partners owes a further $30,396 from an early termination fee.

Judge Suzanne J. Adams affirmed on July 17 that the consultancy must pay $43,950 to the telco, along with interest accrued since May 2020.

The Sunday judgment calculated interest at $12,831, and additional costs and disbursements at $873, bringing Giuliani Partners’ total debt to almost $60,000.

Giuliani started his consultancy in 2002 and left in 2007 amid questions over his failure to disclose some of the firm’s clients.

The Wall Street Journal reported that one of Giuliani’s clients in 2007 was Qatar, which received security advice from Giuliani Partners LLC. The revelation steeped Giuliani in controversy, given Qatar’s past ties with Al Qaeda. Giuliani was running for president at the time and had positioned himself as a post-9/11 guardian against Islamic terrorism.

After withdrawing from the Republican primary, Giuliani returned to Giuliani Partners. A subsidiary of the firm, Giuliani Security & Services, describes him as the current chairman and CEO of Giuliani Partners.

The firm, which typically provides security and management consulting services, played a role in former President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election bid, receiving travel expenses of $63,400 from Trump’s campaign and $76,500 from the Make America Great Again PAC, CNN reported.

Court records show Giuliani Partners has not filed any response to Momentum Telecom’s debt filings or Adams’ affirmation. Representatives for Giuliani did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent outside regular business hours.

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