May 19, 2024

New PC Gaming Handheld to Challenge Steam Deck is Reportedly in Development


  • The Steam Deck, a handheld PC gaming device, has inspired numerous competitors in the market, with the Ayaneo KUN being the latest challenger.
  • Lenovo is reportedly developing its own competitor called the Legion Go, which could become a strong contender when released, but details are limited and should be approached with caution.
  • The handheld PC market is growing, and it’s expected that more companies will enter the competition, but for now, the Steam Deck remains a popular choice with a solid performance and a wide selection of games.

If recent reports are accurate, a new, handheld PC gaming device is being developed as a competitor to the Steam Deck. When Valve launched its handheld device in February 2022, it shook up the gaming market. Allowing PC gamers to play their library of Steam games while on the go was a major development and, not surprisingly, inspired more than a few competitors. Ahead of its release, Valve claimed it had hopes for the handheld PC market beyond the Steam Deck, and it seems that a few other developers had the same idea.

Since its release, several others devices have entered the market to challenge Valve’s device. Most recently, the Ayaneo KUN was revealed as the latest Steam Deck competitor soon to hit the market. Other devices are also currently for sale or currently in development. Still, the Steam Deck seems to be holding its place as the biggest player in the field and as the product against which all others are measured. It’s quite telling that most handheld PC gaming systems are still introduced as Steam Deck rivals. Now, it looks like yet another one is on the way.

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A new report has revealed that Lenovo is currently working on its own competitor for the Steam Deck, dubbed the Legion Go. This new device is said to be designed for PC gaming with Windows 11, will feature an 8″ screen, have Phoenix processors from AMD. There is no set release date for the Legion Go but, if the rumored specifications are correct, it could credibly become a viable challenger to the Steam Deck when it does launch.

Excited gamers should be sure to keep in mind that, at the moment, this reporting is limited in details, and the information comes from anonymous sources. As such, the new device and the specific information are far from certain. In the coming months, more news could leak, and current speculation could turn out to be incorrect. Until Lenovo makes an official announcement, observers should be cautious about what they take for granted.

On the other hand, Lenovo is no stranger to the PC gaming market, having a history of making gaming laptops. Further, the handheld PC market appears to be a growing business at the moment, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see more companies jumping in. The Steam Deck already has another major competitor on the way and more are soon to follow. Lenovo could well become yet another rival in the future.

For now, Valve seems to be holding its place among the competition. The solid performance and large selection of great Steam Deck games is keeping fans happy. The future is uncertain however, and, if reports are accurate, gamers could soon be discussing handhelds by asking what could be the next Legion Go rival.

The Steam Deck is available now from the official Steam website.

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Source: Windows Central

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