May 21, 2024

Elden Ring’s Dead Giants Were Nearly As Tall As The Erdtree

The Souls series has a bunch of staples–fog walls, bonfires, poise, Patches, cackling British dickheads, and a hub full of cackling British dickheads. But one of the less noted staples is the giants. There are your actual giants (the species), but also big tall gods and knights like Vendrick and Ornstein. The general rule of thumb is the more powerful you are, the bigger you get. But luckily, we didn’t have to contend with any Titan-level threats in Elden Ring, because they’re all dead.

YouTuber Zullie the Witch poured over the Soulsborne games, including cut content, to unpack the tallest of the tall. Dark Souls 3’s Wolnir, who we see as a husk with no lower body crawling through a black abyss, is expectedly enormous. Zullie took the upper half of the body and matched it to a regular skeleton and found a rough estimate of his height, clocking in at 74 meters. But Sekiro goes even further with its Straw Doll at an impressive 191 meters tall.

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Elden Ring’s last survivor of the giants, the aptly named Fire Giant, is 24 meters tall. We also have the descendant of giants, the trolls, who reach around 8.4 meters tall. It sounds tiny compared to Wolnir and the Straw Doll, but if you’ve played Elden Ring, you’ll know they’re still huge. Yet all of them are nothing compared to the long-dead skeletons of the primordial giant species, who we find littered across the Mountaintop of Giants. Their skulls are melded into clifftops with roots flowing through their open mouths and crumbling eye sockets.

Like with Wolnir, Zullie detached their skulls and attached them to an upscaled regular skeleton, finding that they would be around 632 meters tall. That’s 3.3 Straw Dolls and just shy of the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa, which is 828 meters high.

That makes these ancient extinct giants nearly as tall as the Erdtree. Luckily, they stay dead in Elden Ring, so we never have to worry about getting stomped on by an unfathomably tall monster. But if Shadow of the Erdtree takes us back in time like the previous Soulsborne DLC, who knows? Maybe we’ll end up contending with these nightmarish goliaths that put Godzilla to shame.

This does bring into question just what these giants are. They could be related to the species of the Fire Giant, but the size difference makes that seem unlikely. They could be ancient gods, but what killed them? Where are the rest of their bodies? All we know about the far-flung history of The Lands Between is that Ancient Dragons ruled the Prehistoric Era before the advent of the Erdtree, lorded over by the many-headed Placidusax. But we’ve met that dragon. Even they are tiny compared to these giants.

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