May 21, 2024

Pokemon Fan Shows Off Incredible 3D Ancient Mew Card


  • A Pokemon fan has created an impressive 3D version of an Ancient Mew card from the Pokemon TCG, showcasing the incredible artistry of the franchise.
  • The Pokemon TCG’s iconic visuals continue to inspire many artists and creators, with more beautiful card designs expected in the future, providing reference materials for fan art and physical items.
  • The artist used four Pokemon cards to achieve the 3D effect, retained the foil accents, and added texture and depth to the card through engraving, hand-texturing, and resin bubbles. Fans were impressed, and the artist may create more Pokemon-themed 3D art based on the positive response.

One very creative Pokemon fan has just made an amazing 3D version of an Ancient Mew card from the franchise’s TCG. Given that there are so many beautifully designed cards from the Pokemon TCG, seeing an artist make 3D versions of them is definitely one way fans can further appreciate the incredible artistry found in each of these cards.

The iconic visuals of the Pokemon TCG have been the inspiration of many artists and creators across the years. The Pokemon Company also continues to feed the fans’ creativity with every new card the company releases. So, the franchise’s community can expect to see more beautiful card designs in the coming future. This is probably good for creative community members who want more reference materials in creating fan art, physical items, and 3D products based on their current favorite Pokemon card.

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Showcasing the first Pokemon TCG 3D card they have ever produced, Redditor Ultimate-lol posted a short video that showed off all the Ancient Mew card’s beautiful details from a variety of angles. According to the artist, they had used up four Pokemon cards to make this one piece, just so they could achieve that nice 3D effect. They also retained the Ancient Mew’s iconic eye-catching foil, which only serves to emphasize the golden colors and ancient symbols found all over the card. Ultimate-lol shared that they focused on adding texture to the piece through the use of engraving and hand-texturing, which can be seen in the stamping found at the back of the card.

To finish the whole piece off, Ultimate-lol explained that they used resin bubbles to add more depth to the colored gems found in the back of the Ancient Mew card. Fellow fans seemed to be very impressed with their finished product, especially since the artist claimed that this is their first Pokemon-themed 3D art piece. The Reddit thread is full of compliments, and one commenter expressed their happiness in seeing the artist venture into making 3D pieces for the Pokemon TCG.

For Redditors who are familiar with Ultimate-lol’s work, they would know that the artist mostly focuses on making 3D pieces for the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game. However, given the community’s positive response to their 3D version of the Ancient Mew card, the artist may be encouraged to make more of these in the future. Hopefully, they will also share their future finished pieces for all the Pokemon fans on the platform to enjoy.

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