May 19, 2024

Rudy Giuliani Got Roasted for Rant About Trump’s Latest Indictment

  • Rudy Giuliani ranted about Trump’s latest indictment during his Tuesday livestream.
  • The former New York mayor is thought to be “Co-Conspirator 1” in the indictment.
  • “If I’m a conspirator, I was a conspirator in performing completely legal acts,” Giuliani claimed on Tuesday.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani took to Twitter on Tuesday for a rambling 85-minute livestream, where he made various wild claims about former President Donald Trump’s latest indictment.

“I can summarize this indictment very, very simply. It’s not an indictment,” Giuliani said in the latest episode of his show, “America’s Mayor Live.” He also claimed, in response to the 45-page grand jury indictment, that “there isn’t a single fact” to prove that “Trump or anyone else involved in this, committed anything close to a crime.”

Trump was indicted on four federal charges in relation to the Capitol riot on Tuesday. Trump also faces accusations that he and six other unnamed co-conspirators tried to overturn the 2020 election.

Giuliani is thought to be “Co-Conspirator 1,” who the indictment refers to as an “attorney who was willing to spread knowingly false claims and pursue strategies that the Defendant’s 2020 re-election campaign attorneys would not.”

“This is very hard to explain to you. This is very difficult for me. And it’s not difficult for me because I am personally involved,” Giuliani said during his show on Tuesday.

“Today was another very, very bad day for those of us who used to believe and still cling to some extent to the idea that we’re a country of laws,” he added. 

Giuliani acknowledged on his show that people have asked him if he was one of the unnamed co-conspirators. 

“Well, first of all, if I’m a conspirator, I was a conspirator in performing completely legal acts. I know nothing at all of any kind that’s incriminating with regard to Donald Trump or anyone else,” Giuliani said. 

An hour into the show, Giuliani also alleged that there were double standards applied to him by the bar associations when he acted as Trump’s lawyer. 

“If this was somebody else, they’d go nuts. If they indicted Hillary for this, they would go nuts. Free speech gone! Fascist Nazis!” Giuliani yelled into the camera. 

Giuliani’s rant was summarily mocked by his critics on Twitter.

“Relaxy Rudy, you’re gonna melt your face off again,” said one person on Twitter, referencing a press conference in November 2020 where hair dye could be seen running down Giuliani’s face.

“Co-conspirator 1 says what?” tweeted another person.

“You should hold a press conference. Four Seasons Total Landscaping parking lot is probably available,” a person on Twitter said. The tweet referred to a bizarre press conference held by Giuliani in November 2020, which was mistakenly held in the parking lot of a commercial landscaping business, instead of the similarly named luxury hotel. 

The latest Trump indictment is not the only legal issue Giuliani is facing — the former New York Mayor was accused of rape and sexual abuse in a lawsuit filed earlier this year.

Giuliani’s accuser, Noelle Dunphy, said she was working for him when he sexually assaulted her. Giuliani has denied the allegations made in the lawsuit. New transcripts show, however, that Giuliani made a series of lewd remarks to Dunphy, and, on other occasions, insulted Jewish mens’ genitals, and accused Matt Damon and Michael Bloomberg of being gay.

Giuliani did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider sent outside regular business hours.

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