March 3, 2024

One Toy from the August Trading Post is a Must-Have Quality of Life Feature


  • The Ethereal Transmogrifier toy in World of Warcraft’s Trading Post catalog allows players to summon a transmog NPC anywhere in the game, making it easy to change their gear and appearance.
  • Previously, players could only change their transmog outside of major hub cities using consumable items or expensive mounts. The new toy offers convenience and flexibility to adjust one’s look immediately after picking up new gear.
  • The toy can be purchased for 500 Trader’s Tender, which is obtainable for free each month, making it an affordable and must-have item for players who love transmogs. A cash shop bundle is also available for those who want to acquire more Tenders.

World of Warcraft players won’t want to miss out on the Ethereal Transmogrifier toy from the August catalog for the Trading Post. This toy lets players summon a transmog NPC anywhere in World of Warcraft on a very short cooldown.

The Trading Post is a feature World of Warcraft added earlier this year that lets players collect tons of unique transmog appearances through various activities. In addition to offering some rare and new transmogs, the Trading Post also sports new NPCs in Stormwind and Orgrimmar that allow players to change their transmogs in convenient locations.

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However, a new toy in World of Warcraft‘s August Trading Post catalog lets players change their transmogs anywhere they want. The Ethereal Transmogrifier toy summons an Ethereal Warpweaver NPC for a short while, allowing one to change their gear, no matter where they are. The toy can be purchased for 500 Trader’s Tender–the same amount players get for free simply for visiting once each month–and has a short 10-minute cooldown, making it easy to adjust one’s look as often as they want without needing to visit a major hub city.

Previously, the only ways players could change their transmog outside existing NPCs was to use a Deployable Attire Rearranger or the Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak. The former is a consumable item that costs roughly 100 Gold each use, however, and the latter is a costly mount that goes for 120,000 Gold and can’t be used inside. The Ethereal Transmogrifier can be conjured anywhere in the world, even letting players adjust their look immediately after picking up new gear in a World of Warcraft dungeon.

Needless to say, this toy is a must-have for World of Warcraft players who love transmogs. Being able to access the robust transmog system anywhere in the game is too good to pass up. Many wrote the Ethereal Transmogrifier off initially, thinking it was another transformation toy, so it is important these players take a second look at the item and consider getting it.

At only 500 Trader’s Tender, the toy shouldn’t break most players’ banks too much. That said, the Trading Post features a lot of high-priority items in this month’s catalog. Fortunately, World of Warcraft is offering a cash shop bundle that lets players get 200 more Tenders for $5. While this sets a troubling precedent for the future of the Trading Post, at least World of Warcraft players have a way to get a few more coins to save for their favorite cosmetics.

World of Warcraft is available now for PC.

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